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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December at the Beach --Part II

If you missed Part I from our beach trip, click HERE.   Today I will share with you one more group of pictures from our wonderful --but short--trip to the beach from Dec. 11-14, 2012.  Above is a picture  of our home that week,  the Islander Inn.  Our unit is the top one on the left (above the gazebo).

Here is a picture showing the units from a distance.  If you locate the gazebo,  you can see our unit on the top...  If you ever get to this area, we recommend the Islander Inn.  For a reasonable price, you get a king bed, oceanfront room with balcony,  sofa/chairs, bath, flatscreen cable TV,  internet access, free breakfast,  frig/microwave, coffee pot,  etc...  It's perfect for a few days at the beach for two.  (They do have larger rooms for families.)

As I mentioned in Monday's post,  Calabash Seafood is one of our very favorite foods --and we enjoy it every night we are in that area..  This time we ate at three different restaurants:  Captain Nance's,  Ella's and the Boundary House.   Our all-time favorite restaurant there (DOCKSIDE) was not open... But--the others were all good...

The top left photo was a picture of George and I taken at the Boundary House... The outside of the Boundary House (boundary of North Carolina and South Carolina) is on the bottom right..   The top right was one of the older Calabash restaurants,  Ella's... The bottom left is a picture of George telling me to quit taking pictures ---and let's get inside and have some SEAFOOD.... The seafood (scallops and shrimp) is pictured in the center... YUM.

In Monday's post,  I showed you a neat picture showing the sun's rays shining down on the water.   Here's another picture that I love,  and thanks to George for taking this one.

If you remember,  I mentioned in Monday's blog, a 'tiny' (ha) beach house that I thought I would like to have.   I 'hearted' that mansion when we were there last May... Above is a picture I took in May --when they were working on that beach house.

Here is a close-up of the 'mansion' when we were there in December.  They obviously are still working on this house... Can you imagine the cost of that place??????  GADS---maybe they'll allow me to be one of the maids!!!!! ha

The sun finally did come out!!!!  Look at those blue skies!!!!  It's quite a bit different from the gray, cloudy skies, isn't it?????

Here is a collage showing you the PIER at Ocean Isle Beach in different weather situations.... Thought you would enjoy seeing how different it looks at different times...

Here's a picture George took of me.  It doesn't need any explanation!!!!! ha

Finally,  I'll close with some pictures of the gorgeous SUNRISE we saw from our balcony.   Now--you can see all of the reasons we love to come to the beach in December!!!!!!  Seeing both sunrises and sunsets is just awesome.  It was wonderful! 

Hope you enjoyed our pictures... As you know,  we love that place --and will return again in MAY, 2013...

Have a wonderful Wednesday.  I finally got all of the Christmas decorations put away for a year!!!  The house looks so bare now!!!!