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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

I was SO fortunate to have lived in New Orleans for about 5 years back in the '80's.. Today is FAT TUESDAY ---and I yearn to be in that glorious city (the New Orleans I remember--before Katrina). Our family would get up before dawn and stake out our place along St. Charles Avenue. We had ladders (the higher you could go, the more you could see and catch), chairs, coolers full of goodies, and our special bags to collect all of the dubloons, beads, stuffed animals, cups, etc. etc. etc. !!!! It was an exciting day!!!!

The first parade on Fat Tuesday was ZULU. Then, if you can imagine--they had truck parades (huge 18-wheelers) that seemed to last for hours and hours. These big trucks were decorated all sorts of ways --and there were lots of people on every truck. They'd throw goodies and more goodies ---and we'd stand there and BEG for those trinkets (throws). As long as I live I will never forget the sound of those truck horns blowing and echoing along St. Charles Avenue on Fat Tuesday.

After all of the trucks were gone, we had the final parade of the day, REX. After the REX float went by, we knew that the season was over for the year. We then would go home and eat our PANCAKES--- knowing that Lent (Ash Wednesday) began the very next day!!!!

I have TERRIFIC memories of my life in Nawlins. The picture above is from 2004--before Katrina hit. Let's hope that New Orleans has a much better Fat Tuesday today than they have the past few years.

I'll write more about Mardi Gras tomorrow. We were all sad at the end of Fat Tuesday, knowing that the Mardi Gras season was OVER until next year. Happy "Fat Tuesday" to YOU today. Be sure and eat your pancakes today though, since Lent begins tomorrow and I'm positive YOU will give up all of that sweet stuff. Right????????????