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Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Morning at our Home --2013

Hello Blog Friends.  Hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year's Celebration.  George and I certainly did!!!!   I've missed you --and will try to begin catching back up soon.  However,  I am up to my ears this month in my Family History research.  SO--my catching up will be slow!  Please be patient with me.  Today I will share with you some collages from Christmas Morning at our home... Be sure to click on them for enlargements.   Sit back and enjoy!!!!!

Well---you can tell that both George and I had a fantastic Christmas this year.  We must have been good little boys and girls since Santa was so good to us.  Glad he didn't put any coal in my stocking!!!!!!  I work SO hard at being GOOD....ha ha....

This year I surprised George with a new lens for his camera.  He has been looking at this lens for a long time--but had never bought it.  SO---I surprised him with it.   He definitely surprised me with the beautiful  wrapped canvases and other framed photos... AND--another fav of mine was the little Willow Angel.   I had never seen this one,  and it was PERFECT for me since her name is Sunshine and she is holding a bowl of Sunflower blooms (shown in 3rd collage from top).

We still enjoy our ornaments --and have a tree full of memories!  One of the cutest ornaments George got was a little camera ornament (4th collage) given to him by son Jeff and daughter-in-law Dawn.  One (of many) favorite ornaments I received was an ornament of one of our beautiful roses,  Wildfire (3rd collage).

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our Christmas photos....  Hope you have a wonderful day!  I put all new quotes on my Sidebar---so take time to check it out.

AND--since much of the country is experiencing FRIGID temperatures,  please make sure that you stay warm and toasty.  We have snow and some extremely cold temperatures today.  Stay INSIDE as much as possible...