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Friday, July 30, 2010

Our 2010 Lilies---Part IV

So far, I have shared 19 varieties of the gorgeous Lilies in our yard this year. Today I will share 6 more with you ---which still leaves 5 (since we have 30 different Lily varieties). In order to see any of the first 19, go to my sidebar and scroll down to Labels. Then click on Lilies 2010.

Above is one of my favorite Lilies --which is a popular one which I have seen on several blogs this summer. Its name is STARGAZER. Below are more!






As I have said in previous blogs, our Lilies and Daylilies really put on a 'show' for us this summer... But--they are all gone now!!!! Sigh!!!! The Roses are still going strong --and we planted some Vinca recently in our small round beds to give them some color until we plant our Fall Pansies.

I will have one more post featuring the rest of our Lilies. Hope you have enjoyed seeing all of these varieties of our 2010 Lilies.

What are your weekend plans? I will be working on Family History (what else is there???? ha)--and hopefully, we'll take a ride on Sunday. I'll blog again on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend.