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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our First Snow 12/5/09

Well by now, most of you know that this ole' southern girl LOVES snow... SO--yesterday morning, I was happy to wake up and see some here in Fairfield Glade. We only had an inch or two --but it was pretty (prettier than most any snow we had last year AT ALL).. SO---I am a 'happy camper'... And--the snow didn't melt quickly (like it usually does) since our temps are quite low today. SO--I enjoyed it most of the day.

I know that you northerners --who get lots of snow--are probably laughing at us southerners making such a 'big deal' about a tiny bit of snow, but this is special for us!!!!! ha ha.... Here are some pictures --so I hope you enjoy them!!!! Above is a picture looking from the inside of our home --onto the deck. Below are more, and I do have a question at the end.

From inside, looking out onto the deck; You can see our Christmas garland and bows.. I love seeing snow while the decorations are up.

Here's the other side of the deck, looking towards the back yard and golf course fairway.

I was standing on the front porch looking out toward the road. You can see some of the left-over rose bush stems. We haven't had a freeze before now--so George hasn't cut them back and put them to bed for the winter yet. Bet he'll be doing that very soon now!!!!

I like this 'Christmasy' picture--showing snow on the holy bushes and the wreaths hanging out front.

Also--looking out across the front yard to the road; Bet the pansies in that round bed are cold!!!!

Since I love seeing snow on evergreen, George took a couple of pictures for me. Pretty, huh?

Here's one more gorgeous picture George took of the snow on our pine tree.

I couldn't resist taking this picture of a male Cardinal on the front feeder outside of the computer room window. The birds always come to the feeders constantly in either rainy or snowy weather.

Wow----count the Cardinals!!!! Can you see all three of them???? One is on the plant hanger, one on a branch, and the other is at the feeder... I was lucky to get his shot of all three of them.

Here's one more picture of the male having breakfast!! Sorry these pictures are faded looking. I was shooting through a dirty window (oops) and a screen... Oh Well!!!

OKAY---here's my question.... See these prints? They are on the deck leading from the steps to one of our sliding doors. There are only about 4-5 of them--but they are from 18-24 inches apart..... Totally weird!!!! What could it be??? A big Rabbit??? It had to have been something fairly heavy because of the indention in the snow. We do have rabbits up here but I have NEVER seen one anywhere near our deck. We have squirrels and chipmunks on the deck and sometimes a raccoon or skunk.... Any idea what visitor came to see us?????? (By the way, the small prints in the upper right corner are squirrel prints for sure.)

Here's one more picture. It's a puzzlement---but maybe someone knows!!!!! Thanks!!!!

Hope you had a great Saturday... I certainly did!!!! Now--have a wonderful Sunday also!


P.S. George won a gorgeous BIRD calendar Giveaway from Kentucky Blog Friend JEN. Check out George's blog HERE to see what a fabulous gift he won. Don't forget to check out Jen's great blog site also. Thanks Jen!!!!