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Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Creek Falls State Park

There were seven of us who went to Fall Creek Falls State Park (southwest of Crossville) yesterday. My two cousins and their families and George and I met at the restaurant at the park for dinner about 1:30 p.m. They had a delicious buffet topped off with the best "nanner" puddin' in the south!!!!! YUM!!!!

With George and me were Cousin Bonnie, Cousin Carol, her hubby John, and John's sister Darlene and her hubby Wes. Darlene and Wes live west of Crossville in Sparta, TN. Dinner was delicious ---and the fellowship was even better.

After dinner, Darlene and West had to leave --and George and I enjoyed showing off one of our very favorite places to Bonnie, Carol and John. The sun was shining and there were some pretty Fall colors. We showed them five waterfalls and the gorgeous gorge.

As you can imagine, we took alot of pictures. Today, I will share a few with you . Above is six of the seven of us (since George took the picture). From left to right: Wes, Darlene, me, Bonnie, John and Carol. Below are more!

Here is a picture of Cane Creek---showing some of the pretty Fall colors.

Standing at the lookout area (with Fall Creek Falls in the background): John, Carol, Bonnie and George

More pretty colors while looking across the gorge

Some nice person offered to take a picture of all five of us while we were at the overlook admiring the gorge.

We had a wonderful day ---and I think my family enjoyed that state park as much as George and I do. Hope you had a great weekend also.