Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JULY!!!! Our Lilies are blooming now... So gorgeous!!! Here is one of my many favorites! Meet DIZZY.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Over the Ocean

As I mentioned, this is the fourth year we have gone to the Islander Inn at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Every year is a little different from the previous year. The picture above of the MOON over the ocean was taken LAST year. Look at the next picture to see where the moon was this year!!!!!

Look up---at the top of the picture... Can you see the moon????? It's there for us this year---during the DAYTIME... Not quiet the same, is it???? ha

Uh Oh----what's that in the sky above those beach houses, as we faced inland??? Looks like some rain may be coming!!!! (NOTE: Another thing we love about Ocean Isle is that the island consists of lots and lots of houses --like those pictured above-- and NO big high-rises. Well---there is ONE high-rise on the south end, but that is ALL, and we hope that no more high-rises are ever allowed to be built here. Unfortunately, that is what has happened to the Cherry Grove area in South Carolina. What a shame!!!! Progress!!!! BAH!)

The rains are getting closer to the beach!! (We only had one day of rain while there, and we really enjoyed watching and listening to the rain.)

A couple of people managed to walk on the beach during the rain---and it was NOT us. We sat on our balcony and just enjoyed it while staying DRY.

Late in the afternoon, after the rain, guess what???? The SUN came out in the west. AND...

guess what we saw?????? WOW---it's a DOUBLE RAINBOW... How gorgeous is that!!!! We were so excited ---and I think we took a zillion pictures of it. I was upset for not seeing a 'Night' moon this year, but after seeing the rainbow---I was definitely a 'happy camper'... Thank You, God!!!!

What happens after a good rain????? Well---this was the next morning---and everything outside was as clear as a bell, and very very clean, with almost no humidity. Talk about the perfect day---after a good rain!!!!

SO--what did we see 'over the ocean'???? We saw a MOON (even if it was during the day), some CLOUDS, the RAIN, a wonderful RAINBOW, and then the SUNSHINE. See what we enjoy when we go to the beach?????? Of course, there's alot more ---but that is for another post!!!

Have a wonderful day, and please take a minute to remember a couple of people today: Dorothy's son, Joe, who was severely burned in an accident; and Darla's Daddy, who has cancer and heart problems. And don't forget the people who lost so much in the floods throughout Tennessee. Thanks!