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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mountain Views from North Carolina

Okay --okay---this is the last post from our fabulous weekend at Mountain Air with George's son and family. BUT--I think I saved the best 'til last!!!! These are the views of the North Carolina mountains all around us that weekend. The picture above actually was taken at Mt. Pisgah on the Blue Ridge Parkway (on our way back to the condo from Sliding Rock). Except for the next one, the remainder of the pictures were taken from the Mountain Air Resort area. Hope you enjoy!!!!!

We saw this pretty waterfall right off of the road --as we traveled down the mountain from the Blue Ridge Parkway going toward Asheville. We stopped in the middle of the road to get this picture... (The people in the car behind us blew their horn --but there was nowhere to pull over. We just made them wait 'til I got the picture!!!! ha)

Just think of the views that all of these homes have on that mountain. The homes sit RIGHT on the edge ---and all have open decks or big porches along the back---where one can sit and enjoy the mountain view. Must be nice!!!!!

I love seeing the sun's rays in this photo.

I also liked this one with the fence.

The clouds in this picture are so pretty, and...

... also in this one.

The clouds were so different the next day when we took pictures. This picture was taken near the airstrip and the place where a big mountain lodge is supposed to be built sometime.

I think I showed this one before in a previous blog, but it is my favorite one out of all of them. SO---now you've seen all of the beautiful views we saw when we were there. Hope you felt as if you were in the North Carolina mountains --at least for awhile.