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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bull Sluice on the Chattooga Wild and Scenic River

When we travel to and from the beach (Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina),  we always stop to see some waterfalls (or something) along the way. Coming home this year,  we stopped by Biltmore House and Gardens.  SO--going to the beach,  we stopped near Clayton, GA to see BULL SLUICE.

Waterfall purists may scoff at Bull Sluice being included in a guide listing waterfalls, but this Class V Whitewater Rapid is a textbook definition of falling water.  Tons of frothing,  aerated water explode over this drop each minute,  producing an audible roar far downstream.

Bull Sluice may be approached on either the South Carolina side or the Georgia side of the Chattooga River.  We went to the South Carolina side and walked down a path to the observation deck.   While there,  we got to see several kayakers negotiate the sluice.  There were also some whitewater rafts --but we didn't get to the overlook in time to get pictures of them.   Above and below are some pictures we took while there (April 30).

This close-up picture, and the one at the top of the blog, show Bull Sluice.  They were taken from the overlook.   There was ALOT of water there!!!

I love this picture of George ---as he took pictures from our overlook.

Here comes some of the kayakers... See them?

Here he comes over the top!!!   Get a good breath!!   WHEW!!!!

OOPS... Where did he go????  I see the oar!!!!!! ha

WELL--luckily,  all of this group made it!!!!  Now they can float down to the sandy beach and get some 'rays'....

We had a great time at Bull Sluice --and enjoyed watching the kayakers...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Any big plans to celebrate this weekend?  We will be home --so I will post a blog on Monday.  Whatever you do,  have a good weekend.