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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ballard/Bruce Connection

For someone who doesn't understand or follow family tree/family history, each person has FOUR major family lines to follow ---which expand from there. My four family names are: my mother's mother and father, and my father's mother and father. SO, my four lines are: BRUCE, BALLARD, WITT, and BANKS. I have done quite a bit of research on the Bruce side (due to available family notes and info). Recently, through a newly found cousin, I connected more info on the Ballard side. Both the Bruce's and Ballard's settled in Virginia. This past weekend --l entered lots and lots of info on my family tree program (Reunion) on the computer. In this quest, I had a big and wonderful surprise. Here's what happened..

BRUCE History

-My mother was Edith Marguerite Ballard (1900-1991).-My grandparents (Mom's parents) were Ida Elizabeth Bruce and James Franklin Ballard. Ida was born in 1874 and died in 1904.
-My great grandparents (Ida's parents) were Daniel Hoge Bruce and Martha Matilda Carr. Daniel was born in 1846 and died in 1915.
- My great-great grandparents (Daniel's parents) were Joshua Henderson Bruce and Margaret Anderson Hoge. Joshua was born in 1825 and died in 1904. -My 3 great grandparents (Joshua's parents) were James Bruce and Elizabeth Justice. James was born in 1802 and died in 1876.
-My 4 great grandparents (James's parents) were Rev. Joshua Bruce and Sarah Hearn. Rev. Joshua was born in 1778 and died in 1865.
-My 5 great grandparents (Rev. Joshua's parents) were William George Bruce and Annie Nancy Ballard. William was born in 1752 and died in 1813.

NOW----do you see the name of my 5 great grandmother?????? Her name was Annie Nancy BALLARD. Now--look at the top name: Edith Marguerite BALLARD (my mother). I thought there may be a connection between these two Ballard's and guess what????? I found it--while researching this past weekend. Now--I don't know how many of you enjoy doing Family History, but finding a connection like this is totally awesome to a person like me working on Genealogy. To connect two of your four family lines is amazing!!!!! Here's how the Ballards and Bruces connect together.


-My grandfather (mother's father) was James Franklin Ballard. James was born on in 1861 and died in 1936.
-My great grandparents (James' parents) were William Alexander Ballard and Adeline Frances Doss. (He later married Martha Susan Martin). William Alexander was born in 1831 and died in 1903.

-My great great grandparents (William Alexander's parents) were Samuel Goolsby Ballard and Nancy Clements. Samuel was born in 1808 and died in 1875.
-My 3 great grandparents (Samuel's parents) were John Ballard and Nancy Goolsby. John was born in 1772 and died in 1850.
-My 4 great grandparents (John's parents) were Bland William Ballard and Frances Shiflett. (Francis was Bland's 2nd wife. The first wife --name unknown, gave him 9 children and the 2nd wife gave him 6 children. Whew!!!) Bland was born in 1734 and died in 1809.
-My 5 great grandparents (Bland's parents) were Thomas Ballard and Susannah Hesson. Thomas was married 3 times: a Sarah, Susannah Hesson and Mary Powers. He had a total of 7 children. Thomas was born in 1717 and died in 1782.-My 6 great grandparents (Thomas' parents) were Capt. John Ballard and Elizabeth Bland. Capt. John was born in 1693 and died in 1745.

Okay--you say, so where's the connection????? I'm glad you asked ( IF you are still reading this blog--HA), so here it is:

My 6th great grandfather (Capt. John Ballard) had a brother named William. William married a woman named Philadelphia Lee. One of their 7 children was named Philip Ballard. Philip married Ann Nancy Johnson. One of their 13 children was named Thomas Ballard. Thomas Ballard married Elizabeth Smith. One of their 5 children was named ANNIE NANCY BALLARD. Wah-lah---there it is!!!!!!!

You got all of this?????? (See why I love detail work???? ha)... Here's an easier way for me to explain the connection: My 6 great grandfather, Capt. John Ballard, had a brother named William. William's great granddaughter, Annie Nancy Ballard, married William Bruce. Annie and William are my 5 Great Grandparents on the Bruce side. Neat, huh????

Sorry I bored you with all of this ---but I was just too excited about the Bruce/Ballard connection NOT to share it!!!!!! If you bothered to read all of this, I give you a BIG Kudos---just for humoring me!!!!!

Since genealogy may be boring to many of you, I'll add a couple of pictures of some gorgeous roses from our yard.


Have a wonderful day!