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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Total Relaxation

How many times have I talked about loving my Backyard Birds???? They are just so entertaining in so many ways!!!! One thing that birds enjoy doing in the hot spring/summer is relaxing their tummies on the deck and deck railing. I have read several possibilities as to what they are doing ---so I guess nobody knows for sure. But--whatever their reasons, they do enjoy feeling the heat of the deck on their tummies!!!

Here are some pictures showing the birds totally RELAXING in our backyard.. Above is one photo that I absolutely love, even though it is a 'tad' blurry. I have featured this one before--but it's so good, so I decided to share it again. The Mourning Dove is sitting on the edge of the birdbath --just relaxing, and sticking his footsies in the water. Isn't that just hilarious???? Below are more pictures.

See how they spread out???? They only do this on a hot, sunny day! I think (correct me if I'm wrong) this is a Carolina Wren.

Here's a little Tufted Titmouse 'sunning' himself!!! Isn't he precious?

Here's another Tufted Titmouse facing the other direction... When I first saw a bird do this, I thought something was terribly wrong with the bird. Then, I saw several birds do it... Guess they like it!!!!

I took this picture this past Sunday (which was a HOT day here). Those two Mourning Doves enjoyed the feeling of that sun on their bellies!!!!

Even Mr. Pileated Woodpecker sat on the rail for quite a long time this past Sunday--and 'sunned' his tummy... That look on his face makes me think that he is saying: "Ooh-Ahhh"... SO--it's not just the little birds that do this!!!! The big ones do it also... Amazing, huh????? I'm just glad that all of our birds feel safe enough to relax here with me!!!!

I visited the Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday about my left knee problem --and the doctor 'thinks' I have a torn Medial Miniscus. BUT--until they do the MRI (which will be tomorrow), we won't know for sure. Fun-Fun-Fun!!!!! Can I tell you that this is NO FUN??? Special thanks to blog friend GINNY who has had this surgery before --and is giving me lots of great advice and ideas. Thank God for all of my wonderful Blog Friends!!!!