Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE!!!! Enjoy a group of one of my favorite Day Lilies in our yard. Meet "INDIAN GIVER".

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DayLilies in our Yard, 2014; Part I

ROSIE MEYER Daylilies (taken on 6/15/14);  I captured these with the sun shining on them.
As of today,  we have had 51 different Daylily Varieties to bloom in our yarrd.--with more to come.   This has been an excellent year for both lilies and daylilies.   And the good news is that we now buy Re-blooming DayLilies ---so many of these will bloom again in the Fall!

Today I will show you 15 of these little beauties.  The ones I am showing today are from the Side Flowerbed  (where we can enjoy them from the swing on our deck) and from the little area near our Garage.    (The ones which have not bloomed yet on the side are Siloam Plum Tree and Brigade;  and one near the Garage, named Bicolor.)

Hope you enjoy seeing some of our DayLilies today.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

CUSTARD CANDY DayLily  (6/18/14);  We have Custard Candy in two different areas of our yard, the Front Flowerbed and along the Side.

BAMA BOUND DayLilies  (6/26/14) --I'm not a fan of Alabama sports, but this is a gorgeous Daylily.

FRED HAM DayLily  (6/26/14)

CAROLYN CRISWELL DayLily (6/26/14);  I took this one with the sun shining on it!

BRIGHT SUNSET DayLilies  (6/26/14);  We have this one in two places in our yard, the Side and near the Garage.  I took this one on the side with the sun shining on it.

JOAN SENIOR DayLilies  (6/27/14);  (Looks similar to Fred Ham pictured above)

PANDORA'S BOX DayLily (6/27/14);  This little cutie is  in two places in our yard,  on the side and in the Daylily Bed.

SPELLBINDER DayLily (6/27/15);  Unfortunately,  the deer got some of these this year--so I'm glad that I did get a picture before we lost the rest!  Dang!

RED VOLUNTEER DayLily (6/28/14);  Glad we have had this one this year since it did not bloom in 2013.

STRAWBERRY CANDY DayLily (7/02/14);  This is a gorgeous daylily I think.

EYE YI YI DayLilies  (7/02/14);  I love the name of this daylily --and we have it in two places in our yard:  by the Garage and in the DayLily Bed.

DARING DECEPTION DayLily (7/03/14)

PRAIRIE BLUE EYES DayLilies  (7/03/14);  Even though this one is NOT blue,  it is still a pretty daylily.

HUSH LITTLE BABY DayLilies  (7/03/14);  Of all of the daylilies featured today,  this is by far one of my favorites, along with Spellbinder..

 Here are the two beds where today's DayLilies are located.
DayLilies by the Garage: Eye Yi Yi, Bright Sunset,  Fred Ham, and one more to bloom, Bicolor

This is where most of the DayLilies that I have posted today are located --although in this photo,  you can mostly see the LILIES.. Right now,  most of the Lilies are gone --and we have  Daylilies blooming here. 
Hope you have enjoyed seeing my first set of Daylilies in our yard.  What is your favorite(s) out of this group?????  I love the close-ups of them individually,  but I also love them in big groups.  Obviously,  there are many more to come --just like the Roses and Lilies!!!!! (It's hard to keep up...)

Have a wonderful day...