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Sunday, March 14, 2010

'Waterfalling' in the Ouachita Mountains, AR

On our first day in Arkansas, February 22, we went 'waterfalling' in the Ouachita Mountains in Southwest Arkansas. We drove WAY back into the mountains on a dirt/gravel road in search of several waterfalls (which we did find). Today, I'm sharing my favorite waterfall we found that day, Little Missouri Falls.

Don't be confused. We are in ARKANSAS. Little Missouri Falls is on the Little Missouri River in Southwest Arkansas. The river got its name when the early French settlers thought that it reminded them of the Missouri River. This is a rocky, mountain river which flows through narrow, forested canyons in the Ouachita Mountains. The Little Missouri Falls is a stair-step waterfall located in a deep gorge.

Here are some pictures of our little hike to see the Little Missouri Falls. Above is our Prius ---which takes us all over the mountains when we are 'waterfalling'. Mrs. P (as we call our Prius) handles those mountain roads as good or better than a 4-wheel drive vehicle would!!!! Between our GPS and our fabulous waterfall books listing the waterfalls and the directions (including GPS coordinates most of the time), we seldom get lost on those unpaved roads. Below are more pictures.

We love looking at creeks when we are traveling back in the mountains. We stopped to take pictures here since the colors are just gorgeous. The colors of the rocks and the clear, greenish water made for a beautiful setting.

It was a COLD day in the Arkansas mountains... The temperature wasn't too bad--but that cold, north wind was wicked!!!!! Here we are on the trail to the waterfall. Note the huge rocks around the area, including the moss and vines.

Here is Little Missouri Falls ---from one of two overlooks.

George is standing at one of the overlooks.

George did bushwhack down to get some close pictures. This is one waterfall (more like a series of cascades) which you almost need to see in person. It was gorgeous--and the entire setting was awesome.

I was getting ready to take a picture looking straight down into the water from that little bridge.

Here is what it looked like below the bridge.

From one of the overlooks, I captured this picture (along with several others) of all of the rock formations in the area. I am always fascinated by rocks. Some of them look like faces staring at us.

I was showing George how I could hold this big rock up with only one arm... Aren't I amazing??????? ha ha.... Note all of the moss on and around the rocks.

Finally, here is one more picture of a part of Little Missouri Falls. I like this one again because of the rock formations.

Hope you enjoyed seeing Little Missouri Falls and the surrounding rocky area.

Have a blessed Sunday.