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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Fabulous Georgia Hike

George and I went to North Georgia on Friday,  August 17, 2012,  in order to check out some new waterfalls... We took a marvelous hike (almost 3 miles roundtrip) on the High Shoals Trail,  near Unicoi Gap north of Helen, Georgia.  We saw 2 gorgeous waterfalls plus a cascade.   The elevation when we started was 2,873 feet ---and we descended 950 feet down to the waterfalls... Going DOWN was easy---but hiking back up that mountain was harder..... ha

All in all,  it was a beautiful trail ---with lots of great mountain views... As I said on Facebook recently,  I absolutely love hiking in the woods.  Getting away from the 'crazy' world we live in  is just marvelous...  Hiking is truly good for the soul.

Hope you enjoy some of our photos from this hike.  Above is a picture of us taken at BLUE HOLE FALLS.  Blue Hole is 30 feet high, and the area around there is gorgeous.

Look at the beautiful woods around us!!!!!   God's creation is so marvelous!

The trail was well-maintained ---and they had built several bridges along the way.  Here's one of George taken when we first started down that mountain.  We both began with jackets on ---but those jackets came off quickly as we hiked!!!!!

George took this one of me on another one of the little bridges on the path...  You can tell that I already have my jacket off --and tucked into my camera vest!!!!!  We both wore our hiking boots and carried our hiking sticks.

I called this  "Seashells in the Woods"....   One neat thing about loving photography and hiking in the woods is all of the neat things we see... Some of my Facebook friends said that they look like little frilly skirts!!!!!   Pretty,  aren't they?

The 'ham' in the group ----ME---- decided that I wanted to pull that fallen tree-trunk back upright!!!!    Wonder how strong she was??????   If 'looks' count----she's a winner... Right?????  That girl is such a nut-head!!!!!! ha ha ha

Here's another picture I took of George along the trail.   I just wanted you to see again how beautiful this area is---and what a good trail it was!!!!! I loved it!

On the way back up that mountain,  the old woman had to find a place to take a short rest....  (This was AFTER she pulled the tree trunk up!!!!!! ha)

Here's another picture of us taken at the other large waterfall,  HIGH SHOALS FALLS.   This waterfall is 125 feet high.  There was another waterfall,  a beautiful cascade (White Shoals Cascade), which we saw ---and I'll show it on another blog post...

If you love hiking and are ever in North Georgia,  this is a great hike to take... It was one of my favorites that we've taken recently.

Have a great day.  We are out-of-pocket AGAIN today.... Don't know when life will settle down for us!!!!!! ha