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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A New Birdie at my Feeder

Two interesting things happened at our home yesterday. First, we finally got some SNOW. The forecasters were right this time... We had about 2 inches when it got dark--and it snowed most of the night... Most of you know how much I LOVE snow --and when we get some here in Fairfield Glade, well---let's just say that I am a 'Happy Camper'!!!!

Secondly, I had a bird come to the feeders yesterday who NEVER has come before. This common bird is a ROBIN. We always have Robins around our yard --and they are ground feeders. BUT--since it has snowed hard, the ground was totally covered. What does a ground-feeder birdie do??????

Well this Robin decided that he would check out my bird feeders. First he came to the deck --and finally he flew up to the Suet feeder. He sat there on the clothes line for a long time before checking out the Suet feeder. Once he ate some of that feeder, he must have loved it. He sat there for a long time eating and SITTING.... Seeing a Robin at the Suet feeder is definitely a FIRST for me. Have you seen one do this before????

Here are some pictures for you... Mr. Robin is above---when he first checked out the deck as the snow first started sticking!!! Below are more pictures.

"Hello, My name is King of the Robins. I am royalty!!! In fact, I am on my way to the Coronation. Don't you love my beautiful feathers???" (Is this not a fabulous picture of the Robin??? Of course, I used my NEW camera!!!)

Mr Robin decided not to go to the Coronation right now... Hunger took over!!!! He hopped up on the clothes line near the Suet feeders... He sat there for awhile before having some din-din. Isn't he pretty?

Next step for Mr. Robin: He now has moved from the clothes line to the Suet feeder... He needs to knock all of the snow off of the suet!!!

"Okay..... I'm going to try this delicious suet!" (The Robin ate and ate and ate ---and then stayed at the Suet feeder for at least 30 minutes!)

I guess even Robins do what they have to do in order to find something to eat in bad weather!!! Many, many birds were at the feeders yesterday --like they always are when it snows or rains. I took about 100 pictures --using the new camera!!!! I'm learning!!!!


This picture was taken yesterday afternoon --when we only had about 2 inches of snow on the ground. This is the new Flowerbed Wall... (This little wall has been featured alot lately!!!! ha..) Anyhow--I liked seeing the snow as it collected on each block on the wall, and also on the round Lamppost flowerbed....

This picture was taken from our deck ---looking up the hill in our neighbor's backyard.

And one more picture----the lower side of our backyard where the woodpile is; Hopefully, I will be able to show you many more 'snow' pictures in upcoming blogs --since some reports say that we may get up to nine inches!!!! That is extremely RARE for this area. I don't care how much we get---because I just LOVE it-- whatever it is!!!!!