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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tulips in our Yard 2010 (Part II)

If you missed Part I of our 2010 Tulips, click
HERE. As I said yesterday, we have had 15 different varieties of TULIPS in our yard this year. They lasted about 2 weeks, give or take. They may have lasted longer if it weren't for Mother Nature and all of those high winds she gave us last weekend. Oh Well!!! Above is a very pretty Tulip, appropriately called APRICOT BEAUTY. Below are more!

This pretty white tulip is named PURISSIMA.

Here's a new tulip for us this year, called TOWERING PRISM.

This one is named SUN GOLD. I love the hint of red around the edges.




And finally, here is ALL THAT JAZZ. It looks a little like Peppermint Stick from yesterday--but is a much larger tulip.

Hope you enjoyed seeing all of our different 2010 Tulips in our yard. We now have Azaleas, Irises and Rhododendrons blooming... SO--there will be more flower pictures upcoming.

Have a fabulous Thursday.