Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MAY!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful IRISES from our yard. Meet "Goodnight Kiss"

Monday, March 22, 2021

Early Spring in our Yard 2021

Dear Friends,   We are almost finished with March --so I wanted to share some of the colors in our yard this month.  Compared to some years,  this is a 'late' Spring beginning for us.  The trees are still BARE --and the grass is only beginning to turn green...   BUT--all of our early bloomers are showing off their Spring Colors... 

Our three main 'early' bloomers (shown above) are our Crocuses,  Hyacinths and Daffodils... Of those three,  we have more Daffodils than the other two...  Right now (March 23rd) --we probably have over 100 Daffodils blooming all over the yard.. They are SO pretty and colorful. 

Hope you enjoy seeing some Early Spring Blooms from the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee!

A close-up of one of our Hyacinths;  These little flowers are so pretty --and they really smell amazing!!!!

Four of our unique Daffodils;  We have so many different ones with all kinds of colors and shapes --and we also have some Double Daffodils  (bottom left).  

One of the first little groups of Daffodils in our yard;  George's Dad gave us these little ones about 2003 --and they are still with us every year,  reminding us of Dad Adams and his love for flowers.

Here's four more of the different varieties of Daffodils in our yard...  The top one is a Double Daffodil --and is very unique.

I wish you could see our Ground Cover  (called Periwinkle, but with the real name of Vinca Minor)  blooming all around our yard now...  WOW--just awesome!

Always a favorite bush in our area in Early Spring!!!!  This is a close up of our FORSYTHIA bush...We have five little forsythias in our yard... When the Forsythias bloom,  we know that it must be Spring!!!!

Here's the latest group of HYACINTHS in bloom...

The 'main' Daffodil/Rose bed in early Spring--although we have both Daffodils and Roses in many other places in the yard;  As you can see the Roses are JUST getting started --so it will be awhile before they bloom...  Note the blue sky --and trees with no leaves YET.

One more close-up of our ground cover,  the Periwinkle/Vinca Minor...

The Upper Side Yard,  filled with Daffodils and lots of little Periwinkle Blooms

The lower side yard; You can see a few daffodils,  our DayLily Bed (which is just getting started),  one of our Forsythias,  and the Periwinkle Ground Cover!!!!

Looking across our front yard at the Perwinkle blooming in the distance... I love seeing the green grass now!!!!

 Well--that is enough for today!!!!  Hope you enjoyed my Early Spring photos... Next to come should be our Irises,  Dogwoods,  Red Buds, and Tulips.  Unfortunately we don't have many Tulips left since the squirrels and chipmunks dig up the bulbs... BUT--I still love Tulips and will enjoy them when we go to Biltmore and when you post pictures of them.

 I asked my Facebook friends what they call this little flower that I call a Daffodil.  Some of the other names I heard were Jonquils (which I called them as a child in VA) and Butter Cups... I've also heard the name Narcissus. What name do you use when speaking of Daffodils???????

Have an awesome Spring Week ahead --and keep looking forward to an amazing APRIL...