Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE!!!! Enjoy a group of one of my favorite Day Lilies in our yard. Meet "INDIAN GIVER".

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Yard in August

After George mowed last week, I took some pictures around the yard. It was late in the afternoon--and getting shady in spots, but hopefully, you'll enjoy seeing our yard in August. The picture above is one of my favorites ---because the sun was perfect on this hanging basket of Impatiens in our back yard. More pictures are below.

This rose, blooming this month, is named Brigadoon.

I've mentioned before that we have sempervivum (Semps/Chicks and Hens) all over our yard. They are so wonderful since there are so many varieties and colors. AND--when the 'hen' blooms (like the picture above), she then dies and her chicks take over and continue to grow and thrive.

I included this one to show you the progress that George is making on the new flowerbed out in the front. There's alot more to do (paving stones and dirt, and then the planting) --but hopefully, next Spring--we'll have some flowers blooming out there. He's doing a fabulous job!

I love our Clematis. It has grown and grown this year---and does a great job hiding the power pole in our front yard.

Our Roses certainly are still showing off. This beauty is named Whisper...

Another one of our roses, First Prize, has just bloomed and bloomed this summer. It's so beautiful --and smells heavenly.

Here are more Sempervivum (Semps). We have some on both sides of the driveway near the street.

A view of our home and front yard--taken from the street

These little beauties are called Sedum. They will change colors throughout the remainder of summer and by fall, the flowers will be a rusty orange.

Besides Semps, our yard contains many Hostas. I tried Caladium one year since I love those colors, but the Hostas do MUCH better here on the Cumberland Plateau. We have several varieties of Hosta throughout the yard.

Another things I have around the yard (mostly in hanging baskets) are Begonias. This little guy is sitting in the side flowerbed surrounded by more Semps. Begoanias are not my favorite summer flower---but they do well in our climate and they add color to the yard.

Here's another of our August Roses. This one is named Pink Promise.

This beautiful rose, Veteran's Honor, always calls my name. I am partial to red roses--although I like yellow ones, white ones, pink ones, etc. etc. etc... ha ha

Here's another beauty. This one is named Frederic Mistral---but for the life of me, I don't think it looks like a HE, do you????? ha

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I got lots and lots of Family History done --and had a good time doing all of that detail work!!!!! (What's up with that??? ha)