Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JULY!!!! Our Lilies are blooming now... So gorgeous!!! Here is one of my many favorites! Meet DIZZY.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh How I LOVE Spring!!!

I mentioned before that George and I walk the yard most every morning --checking out any new flowers and of course,  taking more pictures... Today,  I'll share with you another set.... Most of our Daffodils are gone (or almost gone now) --and some of the Tulips are gone... BUT--there's always new spring growth to enjoy!!!  I love seeing the leaves come out on the big shade trees in and around our yard...   Everything just keeps getting greener and greener. SO--today,  I'll share more Spring pictures for you.

Above is a picture of some of our CANDY TUFT.   Be sure to click on the pictures to enjoy them larger. 

Right beside the Candy Tuft,  we have PHLOX.   You can even see a tiny bit of it in the top picture.  I love this color  --but have never been too happy with our Phlox.  This particular bed is our 'rock bed' next to the downhill side of the driveway.  We have tried to get LOTS of things to grow here ---and it's quite a struggle.  We have semps (which do fine),  Periwinkle,  English Ivy,  Dianthus,  Candy Tuft and Phlox in this bed....  Maybe one of these years,  they will all do better.

You may not believe that this is a TULIP... It is ---a fairly tiny one which has the name of PEPPERMINT.... When the petals are closed,  the outside of them are a hot pink color.  They do look like a piece of Peppermint candy!!!!!   The picture here shows the tulips opened  when the sun hits them... As you can see,  the inside is white --with a pink center.  Isn't this a neat little Tulip????

I have quite a bit of HOSTA in the yard---and so far this spring,  it is all doing GREAT... Last year,  the deer got to several of them and ate them... Hopefully,  they won't get to them this year...... Grrrrrrr!  Above is a picture of three of our Hostas ---sharing the area around the trees with our Periwinkle ground cover.

This little patch of flowers (they are very tiny and close to the ground) are in the back of our home (on golf course property)...  From our deck,  that area looks like there is snow back there!!!!  These little WILDFLOWERS  (not sure what they are called) are just so pretty out there... They are white --from a distance,  but have a lavender look up close.  Once the golf course people come and clean up this 'rough' area,  they will mow the little wildflowers away.. BUT--we are enjoying them now...  Does anyone know what they are???  (UPDATE:  Thanks to TexWisGirl these little jewels are called SMALL BLUET. )

You saw our beautiful Red Buds in bloom in the last yard post I did...   Now---guess what else is blooming in our yard????  It's our gorgeous PINK DOGWOOD....    Oh WOW!!!!

George is the one who takes such great macro pictures of our flowers... I usually leave that job to him..  BUT---I took this picture of one of my favorite TULIPS named MARDI GRAS which I really like.  Hope you like it also.

Finally,  here's another picture of our yard --taken from the street.  This one is different from last week's photo from this angle.  You can see that the big trees are 'leafing'...  AND--you can see our pink Dogwood.  You can even see George taking a macro of one of the dogwood blooms.    All of the pictures in today's post were taken on 3/26/12, except for the Phlox--which was taken on 3/30/12.

Next--we'll have some Irises in bloom....  Then we'll have  some ROSES (yeah),  our Daylilies and Lilies....   Oh --how I love Spring.