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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Ride in the Country --Part I

George and I took a drive in the country this past Sunday afternoon east of Fairfield Glade toward the little town of Hebbertsburg, TN. Since we haven't done much of this in awhile, due to my knee surgery, it felt wonderful just to get out for a drive. What does one find while driving around in the country????? WELL---pictured above, you'll see some gorgeous blue skies, puffy clouds and lots of beautiful mountains in the background... Below --you'll see more!!!

You stop and enjoy a neat little creek --on a hot, summer day!

You drive on tiny little roads just like this one!!!!

You pass by an old barn, and think about Blog Friend, ROSE, who loves barns!!!

You also pass and admire (and take lots of pictures of) all of the gorgeous wildflowers in bloom now!

AND--you will pass by a cute little log home --which you wished belonged to you!!!!! Sigh!!!

I'll have six more pictures from this little ride--which I will share next week.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I have a doctor's appointment today --so maybe I'll find out what the next step is!!!! Don't you just love hearing about the Saga of my KNEE?????? Fun Fun!!!