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Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas at our Home, Part III ---Outside Decorations

One of our pretty wreaths hanging in the front of our home
Hello to my Blog Friends....  Can you believe that ONE WEEK from today,  we will be celebrating Christmas,  the birth of Jesus Christ???   WOW--how time flies....

Today I'll share the third post in this series,   our OUTSIDE Decorations...  I took most of these pictures this year --but there are a few I'm sharing from previous Christmases....   Hope you enjoy seeing the outside decorations...

Compare this picture to my HEADER at the top, which was taken before it was totally dark outside.

Decorations on our deck in back!!!!

Another of our pretty lit wreaths along the front of the house

Close-up picture of the little tree with lights/candy canes and bows --on our front porch

The front of our house after dark

A close-up picture of the garage lights, wreath and candles out front 

Another of our lit wreaths out front 

I took this picture while standing in the backyard ---looking at the deck and the Christmas Tree inside.

I just had to add this picture!!!!!!   This was taken several years ago --when we actually had a little snow during Christmas... OH--how I would love to see some snow this Christmas!!!!! HOPE HOPE HOPE!!!!
The only other decorations we have outside are some garland and a big bow on our Lamppost/flowerbed near the road,  and some garland and another big bow on our mailbox....  Sorry---I didn't get any pictures....

We have company coming this week --so I won't be blogging much at all between now and January... SO--I'd like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas....