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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sunset Beach Town Park, North Carolina --May, 2017

Beautiful Sunset Beach Town Park 5/9/17
We are home after a wonderful TEN DAY trip... We left home on May 6  spending the night in Simpsonville,  South Carolina.  We then visited Ocean Isle Beach (Islander Inn) from May 7-10,  and then we took two days and drove to Tampa, Florida for George's son's wedding  (May 12-13).  The wedding was on May 13 at 4 p.m.    After another two day drive, we got back home on May 15...  WHEW!!!!!  We had a great trip---but it is wonderful getting HOME  for awhile --before we leave again!!!! ha

As you can tell,  my Monday's Blog Post didn't get done ... BUT---even if it is late,  I hope you will enjoy my post today!   This post is from one of our favorite parks in North Carolina  where we love to WALK.   We enjoy taking walks on the beach --but we also enjoy visiting the park either just before or just after Dinner  (late afternoon).

This park is Sunset Beach Town Park,  in Sunset Beach,  North Carolina....  For more information about this amazing little park,  click HERE.

These pictures were taken on four different days (May 7, 8, 9, 10)  as we walked....   Hope you enjoy the pictures... You can just sit back and feel as if you are right there walking with us... OR--you can find a swing or a bench and just sit and relax....This place is perfect for the locals to walk their dogs ---and almost every time we walked there,  we met some wonderful, friendly people --and most of them had dogs!!!!!!

Walk along the path with us!!!  (5/7/17)

This is definitely a dog-friendly park!!!!!!  (5/7/17)

OR--you can sit in one of their comfy SWINGS and read, meditate or just watch the boats travel up and down the Intracoastal Waterway!  (5/10/17)

A view of the Intracoastal Waterway--as we walked to the shore-line.  (5/9/17) 

From the shoreline,  I looked back toward the park...  (5/9/17)

I  love the big Live Oak Trees in that park!!!!! (5/7/17)

Two People in Love taking their silhouette as the evening sun was behind us!!!!!  (5/7/17)

Standing between two trees --taking a picture of the water;   Can you see the bridge in the background?  That is the bridge to Ocean Isle Beach --where we were staying at the Islander Inn.   (5/8/17)

There is a little fishing and boating dock which goes down to the water (on the left where you see the beginning of the dock)... (5/10/17)

Another view of the water ---and the comfy benches (for lots of relaxation)  (5/9/17)

A crooked tree --with lots of character I'm sure!!!  (In the distance, you can see a sailboat!!!)  (5/9/17)

I love this picture since I absolutely love reflections....  There is a home on the other side of the water...  That would be a great place to live for sure!!!!  (5/7/17)
Hope you enjoyed walking with us in Sunset Beach Town Park...  The people are proud of their park --and even pick up after their dogs...  There are lots of events scheduled throughout the year there...  It is such a neat park---and if I lived in North Carolina,  I'd definitely choose Sunset Beach!!!