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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blogger Request, AND "Go Saints"

Several people have made this request since I have read it on other blogs --but I never have asked before until now. And I apologize to any of you who already know about these options!!!! Today, I am asking you to consider making one change which would help.

Like many of you, I have LOTS and LOTS of blogs to visit each and every single day... Some days I get WAY behind --and other days, I can keep up!!!! But--I will tell you that it does take alot of time. One way that you could help SO MUCH is by changing your Comment Form Placement.

There are three ways people can make comments on your blog. Note the picture above.
-Full Page
-Pop-Up Window

-Embedded Below Post

I like both of the first two options. I chose the second one on my blog--but I like some things about the first one better. However, for some unknown reason, Blogger uses the third option as its default. It is a horrible option --in my opinion. It take much longer to add a comment to the Embedded option.

SO--unless you really like this 3rd option, I hope that you will consider changing to one of the other options. Following is how you change to one of the other options:

-Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on SETTINGS
-Once you are in Settings, click on COMMENTS.
-The 3rd question on that page asks you to choose the Comment Form Placement.
-Click on one of the three options (NOT the 3rd one PLEASE)
-Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Settings'. Don't forget this --or it won't work!

That is IT.... After that, you'll be back at the top of that page, so just click on View Blog...
This is a little thing ---but most of us who use either Option 1 or 2 would really appreciate your changing to one of these two .. It will make blogging so much easier... Thank you so much, and again, I apologize to those of you who already use Option 1 or 2.

Are you going to watch the Super Bowl?????? I certainly am --since I truly love both of these teams. Peyton Manning is my favorite Quarterback. BUT--this year, my heart is with the Saints. I lived in New Orleans for 5 yrs. in the '80's (when they NEVER won many games)---but we were still big FANS. The Saints fans have stuck with them for many, many years. And after what that city has gone through (Katrina), I will have to be for the SAINTS to win this year. And of course, I'll be watching all of those commercials!!!!!

Have a great weekend. I'll be back Monday morning. GO SAINTS!!