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Thursday, February 26, 2015

PART 3 of our Weather Week to Remember ---2/18/15 (Storm Number Two)

A Happy Girl LOVES seeing the SNOW (2/18/15)
Oh--what a crazy week we had last week!!!!!  We experienced THREE winter storms --and since the temperatures were below freezing ALL WEEK,  all of the different weather we got stayed with us all week... It was totally crazy.  (Be sure and read my UPDATE at the bottom of this post.. It's truly crazy!)

This second storm was my favorite --as you can tell by my picture above... I LOVE Snow---and even though this was not a big snow,  it was a pretty one... Hope you enjoy today's pictures.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

Our Home in the Snow (2/18/15)

From our deck,  we had a Winter Wonderland outside!!

Huge Icicle on the corner of our house;  This one is hanging on one of our small wind chimes.  Neat, huh?

Snow on one of the HOLLY Bushes

Another picture from our deck --looking toward the golf course fairway

Our front porch as the snow was falling;  Note our special sign (A True Love Story Never Ends) given to me by George for Christmas!  Love it.

Close-up of the House during the Snow Storm (2/18/15)
Hope you enjoyed today's pictures.  I have one more set from this day--which I will share at a later date.  This 2nd storm of the week was definitely the prettiest we had all week.  Oh --how I love snow,  even in small amounts....

Here's an UPDATE for you:  I should be talking about 11 days of Weather to Remember (instead of just ONE week)... Since I started these posts,  we have had TWO more storm systems go through our area.  Besides the three storms I am reporting on (2/16,  2/18, and 2/21)---we have had two more systems go through (2/23-24 and 2/25-26)....  And the craziest thing about these FIVE STORMS for us is that our temperatures never got much above freezing the entire time.. SO---we still have snow and ice from ALL of them here... Yes---it will be 11 days for us to remember.

My next post will be Part 4 (sunny skies after the snow storm of 2/18)....   As I've said several times,  the best thing to come out of all of these storms was all of the pretty pictures we got. We'll have these memories from this crazy week for a long long time.

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