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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More of our Christmas Pretties

If you have been a follower of mine for more than a year,  you may remember many of these Christmas decorations from last year.  But--since I have so many newer people,  I decided to share them with you today. I apologize if this is all OLD news for you!

Above is our Christmas calendar.  This little hanging calendar is special since I have had it in my family since my sons were little.  My sister-in-law (Evelyn--who died in 2007) made this for us ---and I remember that, beginning on Dec. 1st,  my kids would place one ornament each day on the little tree.   All of the ornaments were in the little pockets at the bottom, and then were put on the tree (one each day) until the 24th,  when the star went on the top of the tree.  That way the boys knew how many days it was until Christmas.

The top of our Entertainment Center cabinet is decorated with some Christmas memories. Most of these little goodies were given to us by friends.  My favorite from this group is the little Santa on the right.  He is made from a small claypot.

The little snow-covered cabin on the left in this picture was a gift that I gave to George the first year we were married.  We both wanted a cute little log cabin in the woods ---so this was IT.... ha ha... The big snowball in the back was given to us by a friend who lived in Colorado at the time.

I have an entire blog post upcoming,  showing some of our ornaments ,  but had too many for one post.  SO--I'll show you three of them today.  Above is one of my favorite birds,  the male Cardinal.

And this was my first bird ornament (I have 7 now).  This little glass hummingbird will always be special to me.

And,  since Eastern Bluebirds are my all-time favorite bird,  I was thrilled when George gave me this ornament --which included two little Bluebirds and their home.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Finally,   here is a picture of my favorite place in our home... I can sit on my throne (recliner) --enjoy the fire blazing in the fireplace while just gazing at our tree (with all of the other lights off of course).  Several of you thought it was a HUGE tree.  It must have been the angle because it's not that big (about 7 feet I think)... But--we love it!!!!


I just have to add one more SNOW picture for you.   This is looking onto the deck --toward the upper side of our back yard.  We enjoyed the snow (about 6 inches or so) --but we didn't enjoy the bitter cold temperatures.  And now the weather people are saying that we may get some ICE...  Let's hope that they are wrong.  An ice storm is much worse than any snow storm...  Yipes!!!

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the season --no matter what your weather is!!