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Monday, February 6, 2017

Fun at Greenbriar in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, 1/18/17

Two people having fun sitting by the water at Greenbriar 1/18/17
There are several areas around Gatlinburg,  Tennessee which George and I LOVE to visit when we are in that area.  We saw two of these favorite areas when we took a short trip there on January 17 and 18,  2017.   One was the Tremont area (click HERE to see that post)  and today I'm sharing the GREENBRIAR area with you.  Tremont is on the west side of Gatlinburg (toward Cades Cove) and Greenbriar is on the east side of Gatlinburg (toward Cosby).   We enjoy both areas because the gravel road takes us WAY back into the mountains along the creeks.  BUT--there is just something about Greenbriar which makes it even more special to me... Hope you enjoy the pictures --and I hope you can visit Greenbriar sometime.

What I love:   Just being up close and personal with the water --and taking pictures!!!

What I love:   Watching George take these AMAZING water pictures among the boulders

What I love:  Seeing the moss and other plants growing on the trees!

What I love:   Seeing George climb around the big rocks to get some awesome photos of the water

What I love:  Seeing a healthy Rhododendron growing on top of moss --which is on top of a big rock!!!

What I love:  Seeing all of the HUGE HUGE HUGE boulders in this area --many covered with moss

What I love:   A MOSS TREE;  Want to have this one as your Christmas tree????? ha

What I love:  Being with my Sweetheart in such a gorgeous place!

What I love:  Seeing a healthy tree growing on and around the rocks and boulders.. Nature is so amazing.

What I love:  Just being here enjoying the sounds of the water with nobody else around on a cool but NOT COLD Winter Day!

What I love:  Walking on a Mossy Carpet at Greenbriar!

What I love:  Taking a picture of George among the big Moss Rocks!!

What I love:  Just sitting on a log in this peaceful place thinking to myself how much I LOVE being out in Nature!

What I love:  Watching George looking back to find out where I am hiding --and what I am getting into!!! ha ha 

What I love:  Seeing and hearing the water pouring all around  those big boulders!

What I love:  Crossing a little bridge and stopping to take pictures of the beautiful Rhododendron 

What I love:  George and Betsy LOVE YOU!!!!
Hope you enjoyed my Greenbriar pictures today...  You can certainly tell why I love that area of the Smoky Mountains SO much... The weather was good that day (quite cool --but definitely not COLD for a January day)... We were blessed to be there --and so glad that neither the Tremont area nor the Greenbriar area had any wildfire damage!!!!!  YEAH.

Have a wonderful day and week my friends.. AND---get out there and enjoy NATURE.