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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OOPS---You can't visit this Family.....

Look at that picture above.... What do you see?   Lots of water????  YES -of course!!!!  BUT--what else do you see?

Now--look closer... See that road?????  It leads to someone's home on the other side of the flooded creek..... You can even see the road on 'this' side of the creek better in this picture....  YIPES!

Here is the home on the other side of the creek...  Don't think I'd want to live there. You????  Hopefully,  there is another way in and out!!!!

These pictures were taken in Dahlonega, Georgia when we visited there for George's Birthday trip.  Click HERE  for more pictures from that trip to Amicalola Falls State Park.   IF you remember,  this was a very very rainy day.  These pictures were taken AFTER we walked up and viewed Amicalola Falls and Cane Creek Falls.

This picture shows a NEW waterfall for us (CLAY CREEK FALLS) --which is found in Dahlonega.   However,  this picture came from the internet --and shows the falls as they usually are... Aren't they pretty????

THIS however is what we saw on March 9, 2011....  There was so much water coming down that creek on that morning that we couldn't even see any of the rocks... I will admit that it was fun seeing that over-flowing creek that day,  but the 'internet' picture of Clay Creek Falls is much prettier.  (Guess we'll have to go back sometime for another photo!!!!)

This is my favorite picture from that area.  I love the way that raging water looked like SILK...  This place (above the falls) is where one can 'usually' cross the creek to get to the houses on the other side...  NOT that day though!!!!   IF you want to visit those folks on the other side,  I think you'll have to wait awhile!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.   We went to Tullahoma to visit George's parents yesterday.  We found them in fair condition --but they both ate a hearty lunch when we took them out.  Bless Their Hearts!!!!!!

MORE storms on the way too.... GADS!!!!