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Monday, December 28, 2020

What I LOVE about CHRISTMAS --even in 2020!!!!

We all need to remember the true meaning of Christmas.  Jesus Christ was Born. Hallelujah!!  (The Creche in our home)
Dear Blog Friends,  A belated Merry Christmas to you.   I hope that you had a good Christmas --even though it was probably very different this year.  George and I have stayed healthy --and we work hard to continue staying healthy!  

Today's post will show all of the JOYS and BLESSINGS I have experienced  this Christmas Season --even in 2020, with all of our changes.  The key:  STAY POSITIVE!!!!  

I hope you enjoy this post --as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

On December 6, 2020,  George and I drove to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to have lunch with George's daughter, Kelly, and his sister, Janet.  We had a wonderful lunch and great conversation at Cheddar's Restaurant.  (NOTE: This picture of George and Kelly was taken in  December, 2019--because, in my excitement,  I forgot to take any pictures of this year's visit... ha)

On Dec.14 and 15, we visited the Biltmore Home and Gardens in Asheville, NC for their marvelous  "Christmas at Biltmore".  This has become a tradition for us--and it  'makes' our Christmas --if you know what I mean!  (This picture was taken in the Antler Hill Village area when we were walking after dark and enjoying the beautiful lights/decorations in that area.)

On December 20 ---two of my sons (Bert and Mark) and Mark's sweetheart, Robin, came to our home to celebrate Christmas with us...   (Thanks to Robin and George for remembering to take pictures of their visit.)

Robin and Mark,  feeling great after struggling with Covid last month!!! Prayers for all people who have been and are being affected by that wicked Virus.  Most of us know people who know someone who had/has it.  Right now,  I have a Granddaughter in Texas who has the virus,  and a good friend,  also in Texas,  who has Covid....  SCARY and SAD!

Robin is like a daughter to me.  She's the most caring/giving person I know. Mark is SO lucky to have her in his life.  SO AM I!!!!!!

On December 21st,  George and I drove to Chattanooga to see my 3rd and youngest son, Jeff, and his beautiful wife,  Dawn.  We met at Jeff's workplace, and then drove to Panera Bread for lunch and conversation.   It had been a long time since we have seen them --so it was FANTASTIC to see them on the 21st.  TWO AWESOME PEOPLE!!!!  (Picture was from Christmas 2019 --since again, for the millionth time,  I was too excited and forgot to take a picture... Geeshhhh.)

If these little Cuties in their Christmas "Jammies" won't make you smile at Christmas (even in 2020),  then nothing will!!!!  These are my Great Granddaughters:  Roni --age about 1 1/2,  and Vivian --almost age 3!!!!  They live in Eastern Virginia... Aren't they adorable?

I have about 27 Willow Tree figurines in my collection --but I've never had nor seen this one.  This is a music box named  PROMISE. See the little video below  (if it works)!

On Christmas Eve --and most of the day on Christmas Day---we had snow!!!!!   SO --for the first time since 2010,  we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS...  (Talk about making ME happy!!!! ha)

Do you see our SHIRTS?  They are SO appropriate for 2020!!!!  This will be a year that most of us will talk about for many years to come.  BUT--as you can see from the pictures in this post,  we always managed to find some JOY this year even when we had to drive to find it!!!!!!  Merry QUARANTINE Christmas to you!!!!!!

I thank God every single minute for this wonderful man in my life.  He makes every day like Christmas for me!!!!!   May God Bless my awesome husband, George.

 WELL--enough for today!!!!!  When I began working on this blog,  I knew that I couldn't possibly talk about ALL of the things I loved about Christmas this year,  (yes---even in 2020)...  SO --I just hit the 'highlights'...  First and most important:  The Birth of Jesus Christ (which is why we celebrate this holiday)...  Then comes my love for George Adams, my HUSBAND for almost 20 years.  Next is my love for  FAMILY...  I'm glad we got to see all of our family except George's son in FL.   

I hope you had a MERRY Christmas --even in 2020,  and I hope you stayed FAR AWAY from the terrible Covid Virus.  Instead of having family ALL together this year, the 3 different SMALL groups we saw gave us the opportunity to have THREE Christmas Celebrations with Family instead of one. 

George and I have been SO careful --due to Covid --and we have always worked hard to find joy through this unbelievable year.   

 Hope all of you had a very special Christmas --whatever you were able to do this year,  and let's all PRAY that 2021 is a much better year (although they are saying that the Covid Virus will be with us until late spring)... Let's stay patient and careful!!!