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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Friends make the World Go Round

I have talked quite a bit about our little trip to Gatlinburg in December with good friends, Judy and Charlie.  Today I will share some more pictures from this trip.  We truly had a wonderful time together.  The four of us share a love of nature and traveling.  This little getaway gave us some time just to be together and enjoy each other for awhile.

Judy and I either are emailing each other ALOT ---or texting each other.  We came into Gatlinburg on one end of town and  Judy and Charlie came in from the other direction.   We were texting each other at that time.  This sign is what I saw once we got to town!!!!!  Most people have visited Gatlinburg --if you live in this general area.  My parents even brought me here MANY MOONS ago --when the 'Burg was a small mountain town.  Today,  that area has grown like crazy --and  many, many tourists visit here during the summer, fall, and on holidays. 

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

 This picture was taken in downtown Gatlinburg --as we headed toward our motel (Rocky Waters).

Here is the restaurant where the four of us ate dinner that night... This is the Park Grille --and we recommend it.. I especially recommend the grilled salmon... YUM.

This is a great photo of our special friends,  Judy and Charlie.  This was taken at the restaurant.   Judy and Charlie are such an inspiration to George and me..  These two love to camp and hike.  They are such great hikers that they hike up to Mt. Le Conte EVERY year.  They also have hiked ALL the way down into the Grand Canyon.  I just wish I had a half of their energy!!!!

Recently,  while visiting their son and family in Phoenix,  they got to go back to the Grand Canyon in addition to several other national parks.  These two collect national park stamps like we collect waterfalls.

Here is a picture of the four friends ---which George took with his tripod..  Can you see how tiny Judy is???  Her hubby laughs and says that if she gets shorter,  he'll have to get a child's seat for her in the car!!!!! ha ha

And finally,  George took this picture of two very special friends.   Neither Judy nor I have any sisters... SO--we are like sisters... We can fight like sisters (and we do)---but we also can love like sisters... Hope you have a special friend in your life like I do...

Judy and I both have tons of friends ---thanks be to God... But--it's great to have that one person whom you can say ANYTHING to, that you may not say to others... Even though we can disagree,  there's a special respect there which is not always the case in relationships.

Thanks, Judy and Charlie,  for a great great trip and for your friendship!!!!!