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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A March Hike in Alabama

I  have so many blog posts that I haven't posted... Here's one of them.  The weekend (March 8-10, 2013) we celebrated George's birthday (click HERE for that post),  we visited Fort Payne, Alabama.  While there we visited the Little River Canyon area and De Soto State Park.

Today's post is from March 10 , the day after George's birthday.  We had our hardest hike of the weekend on this day --mainly because we got lost once and because the trail was not in good shape.  However,  we made it ----and got some great pictures along the bank of the West Fork of the Little River.

Hope you enjoy seeing another of our winter hikes.   Seems strange to see the trees there without leaves.  Bet they look different now!!!!  The picture above shows a tribute in Fort Payne to hometown group,  ALABAMA.  I have always enjoyed their music.  Have you???  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

We made it down that mountain range to the river... Here's a picture of the birthday boy standing on some rocks next to the water.   I think he managed to make it through the birthday in good shape,  don't you?

The water was roaring by us... I captured this neat photo at one spot.   As you know,  George and I love taking water photos ---and today was no different!!!!! ha

Now it was time for the REAL photographer in the family to get to work (using his special lens/tripod, etc.)   He found a good spot up on a rock while I ...

...sat and RELAXED and enjoyed the sounds of that water all around me... It was a beautiful day in Alabama on March 10.

I did take another good picture of the Glistening Water that day ---but my Hero took the best water shots!!!!

Here's my favorite shot that he took that day I think (although I love them all).  Doesn't that water just look like silk?  And --it is so clear!

Here's another photo which George took of me while he was getting some fabulous photos... I just love seeing him in action..  He has such a passion for this.   Love it!!!!

And here is one more photo which George took of the West Fork of the Little River.

I mentioned that we got lost... The trail sorta stopped along the river ---so we had to turn around and backtrack a bit...  Here's a picture of some of the trail we were on that day... It was obviously not the best trail we have hiked! ha

But---we made it and had a great time.... Here's one more photo which George took with his tripod while we were down at the river. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing more from DeSoto State Park. If you ever get to Fort Payne, Alabama,  be sure and check out this great park.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.  Click HERE to see a pretty photo on my Photo Blog today.