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Monday, August 9, 2010

Peaks of Otter, VA

We are home ---and I am here to say that this may have been the best Birthday trip I have ever had.. George had it all planned ---and I just thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our four days. We only took about 600 pictures----so it will take me a few days to share them all... Ha Ha Ha....

On my birthday (Thurs), George took me on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia (north of Roanoke) to the Peaks of Otter. The second day, after visiting the top of one of the mountains (peaks), we drove north into the Shenandoah National Park -on the Skyline Drive, stopping at most every overlook along the way. We spent that second night in the Shenandoah National Park at the Skyland Resort--where we had a room with a view (looking down into the Shenandoah Valley).

The third day (Sat), we continued on north to the end of the Skyline Drive at Front Royal, VA. We then took country roads through the Shenandoah Valley on our way back south. We spent that night at a Holiday Inn in Staunton, VA ---and spent the evening visiting special blog friend GINNY and her husband Phil. What a JOY that was!!!

Then, yesterday, we reluctantly drove home. Sniff Sniff!!! One thing which made this trip SO perfect was our weather. After the storm passed throughon Thursday afternoon, the temperatures stayed in the 70's during the daytime --and went down into the 50's/60's at nights... That was FABULOUS --after all of our horrible heat this summer here at home (which incidentally is STILL here --now that we are back home)... Baaaaaa!

I cannot tell you a highlight of our trip because every minute seemed to be a highlight in itself. I will talk about the trip in various posts --and it may take a long time... That's why I have started a new label called BIRTHDAY 2010--where I will keep all of my posts.

Today, I will show you some pictures from the Peaks of Otter---beginning with the sign above telling a little about the area. Below are more.

We ran through a storm while driving up the mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Aren't these mountains just magnificent, especially with storms all around?

Our room at this resort (we were in the middle building) looked out onto a gorgeous lake--with mountains and PEAKS surrounding us. The place was well-maintained with lots of walking paths --so we took some walks along the lake and to the restaurant.

This is the lake (in front of our room) --with a picture of one of the three peaks in this area.. This peak is called Sharp Top---and I will have a story to tell you about us going up there tomorrow!!!!! Isn't the reflection beautiful?

Here is the Birthday Girl sitting on our patio (after a delicious dinner of Prime Rib and the fixings)---waiting for a beautiful sunset (after the rains).

Do you think this gorgeous sky was worth waiting to see????? WOW---what a fabulous birthday!!!! Thank You, George... You are my EVERYTHING!!

More to come!!!! Hope you all had a great weekend... I will begin (somehow) to catch up with your blogs this week....