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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FOG on Mt. Nebo

I have mentioned in all of my recent blogs about our trip to Mt. Nebo, Arkansas and all of the clouds, rain, and FOG (or mist, as some people call it) we had while there.  Today, I'll share with you some pictures taken from our cabin on a foggy day in Arkansas.  The picture above was taken from the back porch --looking toward the left.  Can you see the valley below????? ha ha

Here's  a picture taken from the back porch looking the other direction (to the right).

This  picture was also taken from the back---looking straight ahead....  Now---look at the next picture---and see what is different!!!

OH MY----what could it be????  A deer in our 'back yard'... Guess he thought we couldn't see him due to the fog!!!!!  Ya think???

There's not much of a view of the valley below, is there???

There were LOTS of deer grazing in our side yard.  Bet they loved the fog --since they felt as if nobody could see them!!!!

Here's one more of the deer near our cabin on that foggy afternoon.  I love the one on the right since he was playing Peekabo with me!!!!!! ha

Finally,  the sky is TRYING hard to clear.  I'm sure that it did that just so that we could see a beautiful sunset  on our last day at Mt. Nebo... Isn't the sky just gorgeous?????

Have a wonderful day.