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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cumberland Mountain State Park

Our Fall weather has been awesome recently (even though a cold front came thought this past weekend).   Last Wednesday,  George and I headed to one of the state parks near us,  Cumberland Mountain,  to do some walking and take some photos.  We went late in the afternoon --and were able to get some great Fall pictures.   The temperatures were in the 70's and the sky was a deep blue...  Just perfect Fall weather for sure!!!

Today,  I'll share some pictures we took last Wednesday.  The photo above shows the beautiful bridge at the state park.  See the Canada Geese out there swimming around?  I love the reflections in the water!  Below are more.  (Click on them for larger pictures.)

This is an interesting picture since you can see a great shot of the BLUE sky in the water.

Here is another picture showing some of our Fall colors ---and the reflections in the water.

Here's another photo showing the bridge --from a distance.  The shadows were taking over --since the sun was setting.  BUT--we seemed to get there at the right time,  don't you think?

I was thrilled at the way the water looked this time of day..  Other than some Geese swimming around in the water,  it was very still on this day!

And of course,  I couldn't do a blog post from Cumberland Mountain State Park without showing a picture of some of the many Canada Geese which live there!  They are almost tame!!!

Finally,  here's one last picture of some of the Fall colors in our area.   This will only get better ---so hopefully,  we'll go back for more photos before Fall ends!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day.