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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another New Bird at my Feeders

I think my backyard birdies got a little jealous --since I talked yesterday about some more of my 'babies' (my clocks).... Anyhow---it was a sunny morning on our back deck yesterday, so I decided to see if I could get some new pictures to share. I did ---but the good news is that I saw a new bird at the feeders, a CHIPPING SPARROW. I have seen these precious little birds on others' blogs and also in books--but had never seen one on my deck before. I got so excited trying to get some good pictures. I finally captured him while he was wandering around on the deck. Here are two pictures of him, plus some others which I took.

I included this picture of the CHIPPING SPARROW's back, so that you can see how pretty this little bird is. BUT--I do have a question for my birder friends... I know that there is either a sparrow or wren that fights with the Bluebirds for their nest. I hope it is not this little bird. Which one is it???? I don't want any birds around here who will take over the Bluebird nest.

I love watching the GOLDFINCHES get their beautiful yellow color back now that it is spring. I still have more Goldfinches at my feeders than any other bird.

Here's a great picture of a female BLUEBIRD eating suet in the morning sunlight.

I was amused by this picture. The 'fuzzy' bird in the background looking at the BLUEBIRD is a GOLDFINCH...I think those two birds were playing "Peek-a-boo" with each other... Cute, huh???

One of the cutest birds in the whole world I think is the TUFTED TITMOUSE. It seemed that these two were flirting with each other... They were taking turns flying to the feeders and taking a sunflower seed back to the tree. I captured this great picture of them.. The one on top seems to be waiting for the other one to 'feed' it!!!!! Ya think???

I am really spoiling my White-breasted NUTHATCHES. I put out peanuts for them --and they are always waiting for me to do that!!!! I didn't get a picture --but the Nuthatch did the funniest thing yesterday.. He was on the plate feeder --and a Goldfinch flew onto the plate. The Nuthatch stood up and spread his wings at the Goldfinch. He did that 2-3 times, and I assume he was telling the Goldfinch to "Go Away"..... The Goldfinch did not leave --and actually paid no attention to Mr. Nuthatch... Ever seen that happen???? Wish I had have gotten a picture...

I have a very hard time getting good pictures of our sweet little CAROLINA CHICKADEES--and we have a bunch of them. They dart in and out ---and chatter the whole time. I finally got a picture of one of them yesterday morning.

Finally, here is one of my resident RED-BELLIED WOODPECKERS. These guys are with us year-round ----and love the suet feeders.

Hope you enjoyed my Backyard Birds today... They love to show off!!! Enjoy your Sunday!