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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tiptoe Through the Talus

On 2/23/07, George and I visited 3 waterfalls in the Savage Gulf area near Gruetli-Laager, TN. The weather that day was mild; however, we had had ice and snow a few days before. SO--we got to see alot of ice as we hiked.

We visited three waterfalls that day (Savage, Suter, and Middle Suter). We had been to Savage Falls before, but never to the other two. We were going to hike to another waterfall (Horsepound) ---but the ice was so bad around Suter Falls that we couldn't get across the ice --to get to the trail on the other side.

Above is a picture of us taken at Savage Falls. I will post more pictures from this beautiful waterfall at another time. Below are pictures from our hike to Suter and Middle Suter Falls.

This is Middle Suter Falls. You can see the ice around the area. We had to climb on rocks of all sizes on a narrow trail, in order to get to the falls.

We hiked under the overhang---and there was gorgeous Suter Falls in the distance.

George stands in the sweeping half-circle rock overhang. Ice was everywhere. Can you see that narrow trail behind him????? We found out what 'talus' is!!!! Do you know???? It's all of those loose rock fragments at the foot of a cliff. Have you ever tried to walk on them???? Yipes!

Can you see me???? I am under the clam-shaped overhang. Ice on the path kept us from continuing... However, George did get a little closer to Suter Falls to get more pictures, by climbing up on some of the ledges.

Here is beautiful Suter Falls... That is SOLID ICE under the falls. But--there were holes in the ice where the water entered.

We have talked about going back there sometime --when there is no ice, so that we can hike farther to see Horsepound Falls. But---since this hike was done in 2007, and now it's 2010, I wonder if we'll get back???? ha

Thanks for all of your comments about favorite lunches... I had another one yesterday--but didn't think to take a picture. It's just like the tomato sandwich--except it's a CUCUMBER sandwich. We had gotten some fresh cukes yesterday (which had come from Scott County, TN)---so I just had to have one for lunch...

I do need to tell you though that my favorite cucumbers are the little pickling ones. So those are the ones we bought. They are tastier and much more crisp than the big ones... SO---for two days in a row, I had a delicious lunch!!!! Think I'm on a roll!!

I was hoping, by seeing all of the ice in these pictures, that I would feel cooler... Didn't happen though... ha ha

Have a fabulous Thursday wherever you are, and stay COOL. The heavy rains which gave Knoxville about 3 inches yesterday went ALL around us... We got NONE... Sigh!