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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking Glass Falls

On our December trip to the Brevard, NC area, one waterfall which we visited again was LOOKING GLASS FALLS (pictured above). Anyone who has ever been to the Brevard area has probably seen this waterfall since it is right beside the road. NO hiking is required!!!!! AND---it's a gorgeous waterfall to see during any season.

This time was the first time we have seen it so icy. We walked down the steps to get closer--and we felt the mist and ICE as we got closer to the bottom. George made it to the bottom--but I stopped and held onto the side railings.... Hope you enjoy our pictures of and around Looking Glass Falls.

This was taken across the road from the waterfall.

Here's one more picture of the falls --taken from the top/road.

Yes, it was a cold December day in North Carolina with temperatures in the 20's. I have to laugh now as I write this because the temperatures here at home have been much lower than they were when we were on that trip in December. Our lows have been in the single digits and the highs in the low 20's for several days now... Brrrrrrr!!!

Today---as you read this, we may or may not have SNOW here in our part of TN. I'll keep you posted---but usually, when 'they' predict it, we don't get it... I hope we do---but I'm not holding my breath!!!!

Have a great Thursday!!!