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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dad Adams is NINETY SEVEN Today

George's sweet Daddy turns 97 TODAY. We went to Hendersonville to see them yesterday... Our good friends, Judy and Charlie, went with the four of us to Logan's Roadhouse to celebrate with a BIG dinner. We all had steaks --and they were delicious!!!! Dad and Mom ate every drop!! Then the waitress brought Dad a HUGE Brownie covered with chocolate syrup, ice cream and whipped cream for dessert... You should have seen Dad's face!!!!! Of course, it was SO big that we ALL had to sample it too!!! (No calories of course!!! ha...)

Judy and Charlie gave Dad one of those cute, musical cards---which surprised him when he opened it... Can you just imagine what has changed during his lifetime????? Nobody had even heard nor thought of a musical card 97 years ago!

We went back to their home ---and a lady from their Sunday School Class brought some homemade sourdough bread and a birthday cake for Dad. The pictures above and below were taken while she was there. Isn't he a cutie????? How many people do you know who are 97 years young---who have never taken one single prescription drug in their lives???? That's George's Dad!!!! He is an inspiration to everyone around him!

And he Huffed and he Puffed ---but the candle wouldn't go out!!!! ha (We couldn't put 97 candles on his cake for fear of burning the house down!!!! ha)

On our way home after our day in Hendersonville, we were driving up the mountain toward the Cumberland Plateau watching some VERY threatening weather. The sky actually was so interesting --with all different colors all around us... I kept snapping pictures from inside our moving car --hoping that some of them would come out, through the windows. Surprisingly, they came out pretty good.

Of course, with dark clouds and rain, there's usually a beautiful RAINBOW.... And--guess what??? With all of that rain around us, we missed it other than a few sprinkles!!!

The closer we got toward home, the prettier the sky became. I think I took about 30 pictures... ha

Finally, when we stepped out of our car --after a long day, look what was shining down on us then!!!!!!! The day began and ended perfectly. Happy Birthday, Dad. We LOVE you.

Hope all of you have a great weekend.