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Sunday, October 25, 2009

J. Arthur's Restaurant, Maggie Valley, NC

IF you ever get to Maggie Valley, we highly recommend dinner at J. Arthur's Restaurant. Our group of four friends ate dinner at this restaurant on Thursday evening. Here are some pictures of us and the restaurant.

Three of us enjoyed Rainbow Trout and the other one had Shrimp. Delicious!

The Fall decorations inside the restaurant are above the fireplace. Pretty, aren't they????

More Halloween decorations at J. Arthur's Restaurant

The front of J. Arthur's Restaurant on Soco Rd. in Maggie Valley, NC

Here's another picture of the outside of J. Arthur's Restaurant.

Here's one more picture of three full gals... From left to right: Nita, Reida, and Susan. I took the picture. Dinner was great... Nita recommends the French Onion soup. I recommend the home-made blue cheese dressing for your salad. We had a great time!!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday. I'm a 'happy camper' today ---since I will get to see my Sweetheart--and get to sleep in my own bed tonight. The vacation with my friends has been wonderful --but I've missed George SO much.

On another note, my Tennessee Vols ALMOST beat the Number 1 Alabama Crimson Tide yesterday.... It was a nail-biter----and even though they lost, I'm proud of 'my' young team.