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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some Very Cold Birdies

During our latest snow storm this past Tuesday, I captured some pictures of some of my sweet little backyard birds at the feeders. Birds seem to eat much more when it's snowy or even rainy. I guess they are trying to keep their energy built up. I can only imagine how cold they were.

Here are some of my little friends on a cold, snowy day. The conditions weren't the best for good pictures, but I just had to share my birdies with you. Above is a little male Downy Woodpecker on the suet feeder. You can see how the snow was collecting on the suet. Below are more!

There were three Robins who kept hanging around the feeders during the snowstorm. They will eat suet --but love the raisins I put out for them... Don't they look cold????

This is not a great picture of the White-breasted Nuthatch --but I just loved watching him. He seems to know when I put the peanuts out. He comes to the plate feeder and takes one peanut at a time ---and goes back and forth and back and forth until they are all gone!!!! (That is the peanut butter seed bell behind him.)

I have a trillion pictures of the Bluebirds... We have a group of about 4-6 of them --and they spend most every single day (regardless of the weather) at our feeders. They like the suet ---and recently, they have been 'hogging' the Nyjer feeder, and keeping it from the Goldfinches. I had previously read that Bluebirds like fruits and nuts---but mine don't seem to like them as much.... Go Figure!!!! Anyhow---I love seeing these two little guys sitting on the clothes line---waiting their turn at the suet feeder. They look cold too, don't they???

The Red-bellied Woodpecker always comes to this tree first ---and waits until he can fly down to the suet feeder. (Can you see the Robin sitting in a closer tree branch?? He's out of focus--because I was focusing on the woodpecker.)

The little Song Sparrow has become a regular on the deck. The snow made it harder to scrounge around and find something to eat on this snowy day.

I got very excited when I saw this bird since I had never seen one before. Isn't she a beauty???? She is a Yellow-rumped Warbler---and I was stumped for awhile since the males look so different from the females.. (I did not see a male--although I looked for one.)

I am glad I got a picture of her yellow 'rump'...... Isn't she just gorgeous???? I got SO excited!!!

Hope you have a great Thursday!!!