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Friday, April 18, 2014

Our Victorian Hotel (in Strasburg, VA) and its Antiques

The Historic Strasburg, VA Victorian Hotel
I don't get paid by Groupon ---but I certainly do recommend them IF you travel and want a GOOD deal... Of the many, many deals we have had with Groupon,  we have only had ONE bad experience which we do NOT recommend.  (For your information,  that was The Springmaid Mountain Resort, near Spruce Pine,  North Caroina last August)...  The neatest thing is that we get to stay in places that we have never heard of and would never have visited without this Groupon info/pricing.

The Strasburg Hotel (in the quaint little town of Strasburg,  VA) is a great example.   We had never heard of Strasburg ---but while reading the info about this little Victorian Inn,  we decided to try it... Afterall,  we love the Shenandoahs and wanted to go back to that area.  It turned out to be a very good experience for us  (from April 6-10, 2014).

Today,  I'll share some of the photos  (be sure to click on them for enlargements) from inside that Victorian hotel.... Of course the hotel was renovated (since the old building used to be a hospital) several years ago---and they have done a fabulous job of making it look like an old  Victorian Hotel.

George sitting in our room at the hotel  (Please excuse all of our 'stuff' around.)
I will begin by showing you some photos from our room.  We had a good sized room with a king bed.  Some things which are different from most modern hotels/motels  for us were:
-Our alarm clock was one of the old-fashioned ones that are not digital---so we couldn't see it at nights!!!! ha
-There were quite a few lamps in the room ---but the lighting was quite poor (like it used to be many years ago I'm sure).
- There was a phone in the room and a modern TV,  but no microwaves,  coffee pots,  available ice machines, refrigerators---like most of us enjoy in newer hotels.
-NOTE:  In this hotel,  you ask the person at the front desk for some ice (or whatever you   needed) and they gladly accomodated us!  They also had coffee available most of the time.

The beautiful Wardrobe (Armoire) in our room

Beautiful old dresser and mirror in our room

How many new flatscreen TV's have you seen on top of an OLD sewing machine????  Talk about both the new and the old!!!  ha

Our King Bed --see the pretty quilt???  I LOVE quilts.

A close-up of the quilt on our bed

They kept all of the rooms (which were not being used) OPEN... SO I took a sneak peak at some of the other rooms...  Love the head and foot board on this bed --and what a gorgeous quilt.

A close-up  of the quilt on that bed;  This was my favorite of all of the quilts I saw in that hotel.

Isn't this a pretty little wash basin?  I love the colors.  This was in our hall.

Another one of the quilts in one of the rooms

Isn't this blouse just gorgeous???  And to think --they were made by hand back then!

Our Breakfast Room --on the first floor;  The FREE brealfasts were excellent --and included bagels and croissants with various preserves and jams;  coffee; orange juice;  choice of cereals;  fresh fruit and the best Apple Crumb Cake I've had in a long time!!

I could not get a good angle of this portrait on the wall (due to the glare) --but I just had to show it to you.  I LOVED this portrait of that old lady (who had probably worked very very hard her entire life).  Isn't this just a marvelous portrayal of her?

Beautiful old clock
I left my very favorite thing 'til last... I wanted that clock SO BADLY.   But--it was too big to fit into the Prius!!! ha....  I have ALWAYS wanted an old tall clock... Oh My Heart.

I have another post showing more from this hotel--but that will be at another time.  Hope you enjoyed these antiques.... I'm old enough to remember seeing some of them in homes of my Great Aunts many years ago...  So--this brought back memories.

Have a wonderful weekend --and I'll see you on Monday!