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Monday, June 29, 2009

Lilies in our Yard---Part II

So far this summer, I have posted pictures of 8 different lilies which have bloomed in our yard. I posted one on June 6 (our first lily of the summer), one on June 10 (Treffer), and 8 on June 10. If you missed the June 10th post, click HERE.

Today I will show you six more lilies (with more to come in a later post). You all know how much I love our roses... WELL--the lilies come in a very close second.... As with day lilies, there are so many varieties---some with names and some without. Some of our lilies grow very tall---and soar above everything else in the garden. Note picture above. Granted, I was standing on the sidewalk and the flowerbed is raised. Even still, those lilies are pretty darn tall!!!!! Below are more of our lilies!

This lily is named AMERICAN ORIGINAL.

And let me introduce you to BUENA VISTA.

This lily is named CASABLANCA.

These beautiful lilies are named GOLDEN SPLENDOR.

I'll bet that many of my blogger friends will LOVE this pink lily. So far, we haven't been able to find out her name. SO---you pink-lovers can name her!!!!

This lily looks like it is a very pale green in some lights and in others, it looks more yellow. VERY pretty lily!!!!

Our lilies are so pretty in our yard since there are so many different colors. Between the roses and the lilies, we do have a colorful rainbow right in our own yard. NOW---if we could just get some rain and some cooler temperatures!!!!!