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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Huge Treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee

Bet you didn't know that we have a HUGE TREEHOUSE --right here in Crossville, Tennessee. A friend told me about it back in 2007 (after we had lived here for 4 years)---and I didn't believe her. But--she was right!!!! To make a long story short, George and I got in the car and found that treehouse!!!

Here's the 'scoop' on this treehouse:
-It rises 97 feet into the sky!
-The support for the treehouse is provided by a live, 80-foot-tall white oak 12 feet in diameter at its base. Six other trees brace the tower-like fortress, but Burgess says that its foundation is in God.
-The treehouse has 10 floors, averaging nine to eleven ft. in height.
-It was built by Horace Burgess, who says that he built it for everybody. He calls it God's Treehouse.
-Burgess says that he has never measured its size, but estimates it to be about 8,000 to 10,000 square feet.
-Burgess (for some reason) has counted the nails that he has hammered into the wood---258,000 give or take a few hundred!
-Burgess said that most of his materials are recycled pieces of lumber from garages, storage sheds and barns.
-Burgess said that the Lord told him: "If you build me a treehouse, I'll see that you never run out of material."
-In his 14th year of construction, he is not finished!
-Burgess said that he thinks he has sunk about $12,000 into the project.
-Burgess 'claims' that it is the WORLD'S largest treehouse- and nobody has ever challenged this statement!

Can you believe that this treehouse is here in Cumberland County? They say that there are 400 to 500 visitors to the treehouse every week, mostly from out-of-town. And to think: I never even knew it was here until an out-of-state friend told me (since she had read about it). If you'd like to read more about the treehouse, click HERE. There are also several articles about it on the internet. Just google: Treehouse, Crossville, TN.

Some of the pictures are from the internet--and some are ones we took. Above and below are several pictures of this HUGE HUGE Treehouse, called the Minister's Treehouse. Amazing, huh????!!!!

Hope you enjoyed one of the 'famous' things in our little town of Crossville, Tennessee. If you ever come through here, be sure and make plans to see this treehouse. It's truly awesome.