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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back from RAINY Texas

We are home from our vacation in Texas, visiting my middle son and family. We had an 'interesting' trip to say the least. We went to Texas not only to see this wonderful family--but especially to see the girls play softball since I've never gotten to see them play. WELL----we got to see NO softball at all.

While there, they had some of the worst storms and flooding and hail and wind and tornadoes that I've seen ---EVER!!!!! There was a tornado that touched down a few miles from their house---and even though they didn't get the tornado (thank God), they did get alot of wind and rain... It blew their VERY heavy grill completely over.. Their lawn furniture went all over the place---and one chair even propelled through the fence leaving a big hole in the wooden fence. I'm sure the winds were 60-75 miles per hour.. Scary!!!! Their basketball goal blew over and put a dent in their van... Unbelievable!!!!! AND---there was alot of FLOODING.

All of these heavy rains and storms finally stopped on Sat. night. BUT--the ground was too wet on Sunday for the tournament. SO--Mark took us all around the area to see all of the storm damage from Hurricane Ike (from last Sept)... There is still so much damage down there --it's totally mind-boggling. We also went down to Galveston and checked out the beach, the Strand and Seawall. I was pleased to see that Galveston has done SO much to make the area look better especially along the main streets. We drove a little ways down West Beach---but didn't get to go across the ferry to see all of the damage in Boliver (east side of Galveston) this time.. The worst damage we saw was in San Leon ---south of Kemah. There are houses and houses all along the bay area that are just totally empty (and very damaged). People just seemed to walk away from their homes. Only the people with MONEY have been able to rebuild.

George and I took everyone to Kemah (which also has done a great job of rebuilding since Ike) for dinner on Sunday night. That was nice!!! Kemah is a recreation area (restaurants, boardwalk, shops, all kinds of rides, a little train, boating, etc.) We went to Babin's Restaurant---for seafood and cajun food. YUM!!!! We sat outside ---with the bay behind us. It was a gorgeous day --and when we got back to their house, we got to sit by their pool for awhile. As bad as Friday and Saturday were, Sunday couldn't have been prettier!!!!

Here are some pictures for you. Above is Grammy with her grands. The picture was taken at Babin's Restaurant in Kamah (on Galveston Bay)--near Seabrook, TX. Below are more.

My wonderful son and daughter-in-law; This picture was taken at Babin's Restaurant.The picture was dark--so after I lightened it to see their faces, you now can't see Galveston Bay in the background.

Mark and his youngest daughter (age 12) on the beach in Galveston ---on Sunday, April 19

Mark and family---in front of their beautiful hone in Seabrook, TX

A close-up of this little family; As are most young families these days, they are all VERY busy.. The oldest daughter (15 1/2) is being trained to be a lifeguard this summer (Summer job). She is also learning how to drive. (Brought back memories of me teaching my three sons to drive!!! "Been there---done that" and don't want to do it again!!!! ha)

All in all, it was a great trip---and so much fun to see the all four of them... Maybe someday, we'll get to see the girls play softball!!!! Oh Well!!!! It's colder than cold here.... Our low tonight is 35 degrees. GADS---why aren't we in Texas sitting by the pool?????? ha

Hope all of you have had a great week/weekend. I will catch up on blogs this week!!!!