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Monday, March 4, 2013

More from Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

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If you have missed seeing my posts from our trip to Hocking Hills State Park, near Logan, Ohio,  in October, 2012,  with friends, NEAL and Patti Treadway,  click HERE.   We had such a great trip --and I'm still trying to get through my photos.  Today,  I'll share with you our crazy hike through the Cedar Falls area,  and also to Ash Cave.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and collages.. Be sure to click on them for enlargements.  AND I apologize for such a long post today.. I am trying to finish up that trip!!!!

The picture above shows more of the gorgeous Autumn Colors we experienced while in Ohio.  We were there at a PERFECT time... Hooray!!!!

We were hiking now (following our time at Old Man's Cave) on the trail to Cedar Falls.  We knew there wouldn't be much water at the falls --but the  whole area was pretty.  Top Left: Patti, Neal, George;  Middle--ME--trying to hold up a rock!!! ha;  Top Right:  George and Neal;  and Bottom: Patti and Neal.

Here is CEDAR FALLS---even though there wasn't much water coming over the falls... If you want more information about Cedar Falls and this area,  click HERE.

This is a great picture of the rock formations in the Cedar Falls area...

AND THEN--- Miss Betsy led the group down the 'wrong' trail ---obviously --IF you look at the pictures!!!!!  I thought we were taking a short-cut... HA HA ----not the case though...

Here's one more collage showing the rugged trail we took (actually--not a trail I don't think).....  We were beginning to look for either a horse or a helicopter in order to get outta there!!!!!! ha ha ha  (OH--the memories we will have after this hike!!!!!!)

NEXT,  after getting back to our car SOMEHOW,  we then drove to ASH CAVE for some more hiking.  Ash Cave is not really a cave ---but a HUGE rock overhang.  For more information on Ash Cave,  click HERE.    You can see a photo of what the waterfall should look like with some WATER...   The picture above is looking back into the rock formations under the overhang.

This is a collage of us ---as we wandered around checking out the area.  Top left: Patti and Neal; Middle:  Me;  Top Right: Neal, Patti, George

Here is a picture of the almost waterless waterfall.  I would love to be there when there is alot of water coming over the falls.

You can see how vast the cave is in these picture.  George is in the one on the left and I am in the one in the middle.  Neal is checking out the water droplets from the waterfall.

This picture was taken from under the overhang... You can get some idea of the vastness of this 'cave'... The horseshoe cave is 100 feet deep,  90 feet high and measures 700 feet from one end to the other.  It's HUGE.

This ends our time at Hocking Hills State Park.  Hope you enjoyed seeing all of the beauty in that park... I will have one more post from that trip ---showing you the lake we visited late that afternoon,  and some photos from our trip home the next day.

George and I have such a great time with Neal and Patti.  The four of us have the same interests --and we just enjoy being together.   I hope we get to do several more trips together in the future!!!!

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