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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, TN

In 2004, George and I visited Chattanooga, TN. One of the places we visited was Ruby Falls. Located over 1120 feet beneath the surface, Ruby Falls is the nation’s largest and deepest waterfall open to the public. Hundreds of gallons of water rush over by the minute and amaze visitors including us.

As of May, 2009, Ruby Falls can now be seen in a whole new light - a more natural one! This attraction just had 24 new lights installed in the waterfall viewing area at Ruby Falls, creating a more luminous light presentation for visitors. That is one reason we'd love to go back and get a really good picture of the waterfall..

Here are some pictures from Ruby Falls. Above is a picture that I took from their website HERE ---showing the new lighting that they now have at the waterfall. Below are pictures that we took while there in 2004.

In the cave at Ruby Falls, we saw the south end of a northbound donkey!!!! ha

The cave also contained gorgeous rock formations. This one was called the Leaning Tower.

This one looked like angel wings!

Further along we saw a Frozen Niagara.

Lights added to the beauty of the rock formations.

Wow--it looks like a crystal chandelier!

This formation is called "Cactus and Candles"!!!

Finally, here is our picture of Ruby Falls (taken in 2004, before all of the new lighting). This waterfall is 145-feet high and is located deep in the earth. It was AWESOME to see in person. If you ever go to Chattanooga, be sure and visit Ruby Falls.


The Rose of the Day is called APRICOT NECTAR. Beautiful isn't it????

Have a good day. We're headed to Hendersonville again today to check on Mom and Dad Adams.

P.S. Reminder to any ladies reading this today: I got my yearly Smash-o-gram (Mammogram) yesterday. Have you gotten YOURS???