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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Late October in our Yard---October 2014

On the Street Where We Live 10/27/14
We recently saw SO much Autumn Beauty on our vacation to the Maggie Valley area...  I didn't think we'd get to see anything nearly as pretty once we got back home.  For you see,  we have had a very DRY late Summer and Fall here at home.  So many of the leaves on the big trees just turned brown and fell off... SO---we weren't expecting to see much color here.

However,  we did find (and continue to find) quite a bit of color in our area --since the leaves are hanging on longer than usual this year (which indicates a frigid winter upcoming).... Today--I'll share with you some pictures around our yard... One of them is my header this month.  There are two more on my Photo Blog (click HERE for those two pictures).    Hope you enjoy the Fall Photos from Fairfield Glade, TN!  (Click on them for enlargements.)

Oak Leaves changing colors  10/27/14

Front Yard --taken from the driveway  10/28/14

Looking toward the lower side of our front yard  10/28/14

From the street,  looking toward the upper side yard  (You can see our Maple and Dogwood showing off their colors in this shot, along with our English Ivy and Periwinkle Ground Cover.)  10/28/14

From the road,  looking across the front yard toward the lower side 10/28/14

Love our MAPLE which turns a brilliant red color  10/28/14

A close-up of the Maple and Dogwood  10/28/14

Back to one of our OAK TREES --getting prettier by the day!  10/28/14

The Oak Leaves --as they change colors;  Neat, huh?   10/28/14

Color in the lower part of the yard in back   10/28/14

Beautiful tree in our back yard  10/28/14

Looking from our deck toward the golf course fairway as the early morning sun began to shine on that pretty tree;   10/30/14

Another early morning shot --looking through the trees at all of the color;  10/30/14

a close-up of some pretty leaves --as the sun shines on that tree;  10/30/14
Well---that's it!!!!  As you can see,  the last of these pictures were taken on 10/30.   It was on 10/31 and 11/1 when we had that big storm (rain/ice/snow--and lots of wind).. Needless to say,  I'm glad I took these pictures before that storm!!!!!

Have a wonderful day and get out and enjoy nature!!!!  We are definitely 'enjoying' it right now---picking up leaves--leaves---leaves in our yard!!!!!  Fun Fun...