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Monday, June 10, 2019

Everything is Coming Up ROSES, and a PRAYER Request

Veteran's Honor --5/17/19
Dear Friends,   How is life treating you????   I hope things are going well.... My life is crazy ---and I thought retirement was the time I would just be able to sit and relax... ha ha ....  I apologize that I don't have much time these days to comment on your blog posts --but I do take time to read them...

After dealing with Long-Standing Persistent A Fib all during 2018--with no good results from the medications I was receiving,  at my insistence,   I finally got referred by my local Cardiologist to go to a specialist,  an Electrophysiologist,  in Knoxville. My new doctor has finally given me hope when it comes to my health.

My new doctor changed my medication,  and scheduled a procedure for me to try.   SO--on April 23,  I had a Cardioversion.   This is a procedure where they 'shock' the heart --trying to get it back into Normal Sinus Rhythm....  They only had to ZAP me once  (I was asleep and didn't feel it) in order to get my heart beating normally..... I was so so so pleased and amazed that this procedure worked the FIRST TIME they tried it...   (Why in the world had I not done it SOONER?)   AND --as of today,  my heart is still beating normally.. I cannot explain how much better I feel.   No more shortness of breath,  no more weakness,  no more exhaustion,  no more dizziness;  These were all of these things I suffered with all during 2018.

BUT even though I am doing well right now, my doctor wasn't finished with me yet...  For most people with A Fib,  the Cardioversion is a temporary fix...  SO---I'm having another more permanent procedure done this week.  This procedure is much harder and more invasive  (a four-hour surgery with a night spent in the hospital).  This procedure (called a CATHETER ABLATION) is more permanent --and hopefully  (if it works for me), I will  STAY in normal sinus rhythm for a much longer time, maybe forever..

I'm a 'fighter'  ---and will NOT give up... I want my life back...  Some people may just give up and live with A Fib --but that is NOT me.   My only regret is not pushing much sooner for a referral to an Electrophysiologist..  I put WAY too much trust in my Cardiologist...   BUT--I don't dwell on that now.. I'm looking forward.   Please pray for me on JUNE 13...  Thank You!!!!

For those of you who have blogged with me for years,  then you know that George and I grow ROSES  (along with Lilies, Day Lilies,  Irises, Tulips,  Daffodils,  etc.)....  This is the season for our Roses to start blooming.   SO--we  "walk the yard"  most every morning taking pictures.   Today I'll share with you some of my favorite MAY ROSES....  Hope you enjoy them.

DoubleDelight -- 5/18/19

Daring Spirit --5/20/19

Welcome Home--  5/20/19

RioSamba--  5/22/19

Queen Elizabeth-- 5/22/19

Flaminco-- 5/22/19

Sedona-- 5/22/19

Simply Magnificent -- 5/23/19

Crescendo -- 5/23/19

About Face -- 5/25/19

Peace --5/25/19

Alec's Red --5/25/19

Color Magic -- 5/30/19

Melody Parfume --5/30/19
Well ---that's enough beauty for today....  Hope you enjoyed seeing the Roses.  Do you have a favorite or favorites?????

Remember to send me some good thoughts and prayers on JUNE 13 (Thursday)...    I will be out-of-commission for awhile  I'm sure,  but I'll be back to blogging soon!!!!