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Monday, January 19, 2009

Abrams Falls Hike

Getting 'tagged' TWICE has brought back such good memories of our hike to Abrams Falls in 2006. SO--I decided to share a few more photos from that special hike, including one from my second 'tag'. There's two things which made this hike special. One was that it began in one of our favorite places, Cades Cove (in the Smokies). And secondly, we got to hike with our great friends, Judy and Charlie.

Many national parks are primarily famous for their natural features. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is unique, as it is well-known for its cultural attributes. The history of mountain folk culture is well-exhibited throughout the park. If you come to see the falls wihin the western portion of the Smokies , be sure to experience the human side at Cades Cove. You will LOVE it.

Abrams Falls is a 5 mile (total) hike --but has a very well-maintained trail. It is rated as moderate in our hiking book, I guess due to the length. Our friends, Judy and Charlie, are also 'outdoorsy' people like us. They have traveled more than we have, and love to camp--as well as hike. We have such a great time when the four of us are together. It was a wonderful fall day in the Smokies when we hiked to Abrams Falls. Above is a picture of the waterfall, and below are more photos from that day.

I would like to introduce you to our wonderful friends, Judy and Charlie. Judy is about as big as a minute!!!!! When I'm beside her (and I'm not THAT tall), I look like a giant!!!

George snapped this picture above of Judy and me yakking while standing on one of the little bridges near the falls. When Judy and I get together, we BOTH can talk a 'blue streak'!!!! (Heard that expression????)

This picture above shows one of the little bridges along the way. It was a beautiful day for hiking!!! I also included this picture since TRICIA tagged me (this is my 2nd tag)--and told me to go to the 4th file and show the 4th picture. Well--since I have two files from Abrams Falls, the picture above is the one Tricia asked me to feature. Anyone who would like to play this game is invited to do so. It's fun --as long as you come up with a 'good' picture to show!!! ha (Thanks Tricia!)

This final picture above is of me standing near the waterfall. That was a neat place to be. We could just sit on those rocks and enjoy the sound of the water forever. If you ever get to the Smokies, visit Cades Cove and hike to Abrams Falls!!!