Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to DECEMBER!!!! My header picture this month is a beautiful photo from our trip last year to "Christmas at Biltmore"... Being there to see that beauty just makes Christmas more special for us! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 Roses--Part IV

As most of you know by now (since I've mentioned it MANY times--ha), we have 55 different varieties of Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses in our yard. George is the "Rose Man"---and really knows how to grow beautiful Roses.

I've also talked about how blessed I am to get a fresh rose on our table inside most every single day. He always buys the fragrant Roses ---so you can imagine how nice our yard smells --AND our home.

This is my 4th post showing more of our Roses. To see the other 3 posts, go to the right sidebar on my blog, scroll down to LABELS, and click on ROSES 2010. Here are six more today, starting with APRICOT NECTAR pictured above.






An old Swedish proverb says: "If I had a ROSE for every time I thought of YOU, I'd be picking ROSES for a lifetime." Hope you will enjoy the weekend, and thanks again for your friendship. See you Monday morning!!!

Happy Father's Day to all of the Papa's!!!!