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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tellico Plains, TN

Yesterday I shared a few pictures from George's surprise birthday trip in March of 2008. Today, I'm backing up some to my birthday in August of 2007, the year I turned a whopping SIXTY FIVE. As you probably know by now, George and I love to 'surprise' each other with little trips. George has a HARD time surprising me since I'm a "nosy-rosy" person!!! ha.... BUT in 2007, he definitely surprised me BIGTIME.

We got in the car and he drove me from one direction to another ---making me guess along the way where we were going. Then, he'd turn around and go somewhere else. I had NO IDEA--and he loved it. We finally got there though ---and I finally found out that he had rented the cutest little romantic cabin that I'd ever seen--- in the mountains near Tellico Plains, TN from August 3-6, 2007.

What does a 65 year old woman do for her birthday???? WELL---she's gets spoiled rotten by her man. We ate, slept, played in the hot tub, hiked and found some new waterfalls. Hope you enjoy my birthday that year ---through our photos. Above is us standing in front of that cute little cabin. Below are more!

The cabin was private ---and we enjoyed sitting on the little porch.

The cabin was really only one large room plus a bathroom. The kitchen/dining area was on one end of the room and the living/bedroom was on the other end.

This girl was so happy since her Sweetie was doing something special for her outside...... Wonder what???????

He was cooking her a big steak on her birthday!!!! YUMMY!!!!

After a delicious dinner, we sat on the porch and opened cards and gifts.

Since we were there for 3 days, we went hiking and searching for waterfalls one day. This picture is George standing beside the raging Tellico River.

After checking out the scenic Tellico River, we drove up the mountain on the Cherohala Skyway. At about 4000 feet, we stopped at a pull-off and hiked to a gorgeous waterfall. This one is 80 feet high and its name is Falls Branch Falls. Since we were high up in elevation, this hike was not too hot. We really enjoyed it!!!

On another day, even though it was about 91 degrees outside, we hiked down into a deep canyon (2 mile hike) to find this waterfall, Conasauga Falls. This was in the Hiwassee Ranger District of the Cherokee National Forest.

This is not a very good picture ---but I included it so that you could see my RED face. We thought it was hard going down into the canyon in that heat --but it was much harder going back up... I made it though -----because I knew there were two special things waiting for me....???

Here's one thing that was waiting for us..... OH---that felt so refreshing.... AND...

THIS!!!!!! Does this one need any explanation?????? ha ha ha

Do you think I had a great birthday trip?????? You betcha!!!! It was incredible---just like every other minute I am with George Adams.